Prison Penpal Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore

Anthony is 29 years old and incarcerated in the US (IL).

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First off, I’ve been incarcerated for 9 years WRONGFULLY. I’m currently in court now and fighting for both my freedom and my sanity. So please keep me in your prayers.

I would like to say that I hope you are doing well in all aspects of your life. I also appreciate you taking time to stop and check out my account.

Well, I am 29 years old, 6 ft. 4 in. tall, athletic, muscular build, handsome/confident, humble, courageous, creative, adventurous, passionate, compassionate, humorous, attentive, caring, considerate, understanding and honest/genuine. For shorter terms, I am smooth/easy-going and I’m an optimist.

I am also an aspiring author, philosopher, poet, musician/ghost writer (R&B, pop, rap, and country) and entrepreneur. I spend the rest of my time reading, educating myself, listening to motivational speaks and sometimes a little T.D. Jakes and working out. If I was to sum my every day’s purpose in one word, it would probably be Elevation or Evolution.

But lately I’ve been feeling intellectually disconnected to the mass majority of prisoners around me. This often gives me the feeling of loneliness. I just hope to find someone to talk to, or should I say converse and correspond with. I don’t discriminate against any kind of person, no matter their age (though over 18), birthplace/nationality, physical features, views, dreams, religions, or anything that will exclude anyone from becoming an associate of mine, at the least. Even though I’m hoping to find more, eventually. I am full of humility and I see and treat people as a mirror image of myself and how I’d like/want to be treated. “There’s nothing like Equality!” I just enjoy the company of good-hearted people. Which isn’t easy to find in this hostile environment that I reside in (prison).

Basically, if you’re interested in getting to know me more, then feel free to contact me via email (ConnectNetwork) or write me at the address in the contact information tab of my profile. Note: my address is prone to change. So, if it ever does, I will notify Wire of Hope that I’m being moved and post the changes. Just to make sure that I haven’t moved, you can look me up on the IDOC website (Illinois Department of Corrections) and write me a letter at the address indicated there. Either email or regular mail is fine with me.

Until then, stay safe & take care!

Anthony Moore, A.K.A. “Sway the Voice” (industry/author name)

P.S. You’ll find 3 poems in my profile as well. Be sure to check those out, if interested. Also, if you choose to send mail through U.S. postal, UPS, FedEx, or any type of mailing service, please be sure to include the ID number behind my name (#B89108) on the envelope and to leave an address so I can reply.

It’s A Feeling

Can I get some power
Can I stomp on the ground
Can I be the tower
The tower that runs underground

We are the muscle of our strength
We are the force of gravity
Maybe we’re the work in our wrench
Maybe we’re the effort in actively

Way out of town
Way out of sight
Am I the pound for pound fight
Fighter with wings in flight

We are the epitome of our crew
We are the definition of our war
Maybe we’re free to lewd
Maybe we’ll flee too far

To be there to sore
To go here to the core
Did I erupt from a stomach pain
And so I burst through floors

We are the sadness within our deeds
We are the madness in our failure
Maybe we’re the shade of our trees
Maybe the darkness of a cellar

May I stand the pressure
May I bare the critics
Keep me grey & sometimes new
Though I can stand the red but still can’t endure the blue

We are the smile behind our trauma
We are the flesh of nature
Maybe our load has karma
Maybe our purpose is a wager

Let me float to shore
Let me open doors
While I lead through the waves
Proceeding through the air & engraved there

We are the blinds to our brain
We are the mention of our names
Maybe the reason for our glow
Maybe the seeds that’s sprouting from grains to growth

Clinching to what you let me
pulling & tugging with lectures
Half stepping in the wrong direction
& Leaping while approaching success aggressively

We are the master of our slavery
We are the eyes with emotions
Maybe our pores are full of bravery
Maybe our ego isn’t into stroking

Will you let me talk minus my voice
Did you feel it when I spoke
Will you get it without seeing
Vision is not physical but it’s a feeling

It seems to flow throughout your chest
So it’s not just this cold world that has you shivering
But it’s providence at its best
Because to conquer, is a deliverance…

Hate Forsaken

Whether we knew we could or not
It’s better to do good if you would a lot
For the sake of life state your claim
Even when you shake awake a life from a dream

Lonely is the name of your closest friend
Because homie is not what you thought it should have been
For the sake of remembrance never forget
Because to get a break from hindrance is a better fit

Breathing through hopelessness leaves plenty with distorted visions
Leading to ropes on necks of many in contorted prisons
Who knew the hate that could run through blood
Too blue for the sake of something to love

Find your peace as you wait on a sign
Find what keeps you away from being blind
Your harvest may bud and bloom through pesticides
For the largest sake of trust is at a lesser height

Build a bridge that you can’t deny
And sat if still even when it won’t comply
For the sake of the sky, aim past its peak
Replacing your cries, from times you wished & wept

What you see ain’t always in the flesh
What you can be can’t always be a test
For the sake of self, forsake hate
Because awaiting death isn’t a long wait

Save yourself from your own misfortune
Behave the best even through one’s extortion
I would hate to warn you that the odds are always in the dealer’s deal
Because for the sake of karma, God is really real.

Imagination Running Wild

Reading your letters seems to bring us closer
Hearing the ink talking its words in my head
Oh how I hear your voice through a piece of paper
And the pen expressing the description of your words
Exclamations and question marks dividing excitement and curiosity
While your periods not only ends a statement and stops your voice
But then you open your mouth again when the ink hits the pad
And I’m so eager to get to the next word but running from the last
Hoping that your voice will never stop playing in my head
Hoping that the pieces of paper grows in width and in length
There’s nothing like the words being freshly invited into my mind
Speak your tune while my head plays its beat
And I envision your facial expressions and body language
Your letters are powerful and have a great influence on my imagination
Let’s talk about work, the news, politics, all of your problems,
Let’s talk about your dreams, ideas, sports, the weather, gossip,
Let’s talk about your days, movies, TV shows, other people’s drama,
Let’s talk about your hurts/struggles, family/friends, hot topics, hobbies,
And of course, let’s talk sex and drag it out until your pen’s empty
Forget all about time and tell me all that comes to mind
Feel free to assure to me all that needs assurance
Promise to never drop your pen and never to close your mouth
And I’ll always keep my eyes scanning & my Imagination Running Wild!

Date of Birth: 04/20/1992 (29 years old)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black & Native
Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6 ft. 4 in.
Body Type: Athletic
Hometown: Elizabeth City, North Carolina (USA)
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish
Religion: Non-Denominational
Astrological Sign: Taurus

Profile will end on: 07/21/2022

Anthony Moore #B89108

Lawrence Correctional Center
10930 Lawrence Road
Sumner, IL 62466

@ Prison Email Provider: ConnectNetwork

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Willing to write abroad: Yes

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Incarcerated Since: 2012
Sentence Received: 22 years
Earliest Release: 2029

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Attempted Murder with Intent to Kill/Injure
Forge/Make/Alter Document

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