Our Actions

The two co-founders of Wire of Hope have a strong interest in the condition of incarcerated people and a genuine will to help. They have met, worked with and befriended many inmates over the years. Connecting them to pen-pals is not their only action. Here are some of their other involvements:

Pen-Pals and Volunteering

Both women behind Wire of Hope have had prison pen-pals for years (read our story) and joined different prison rights-related groups.

Élodie provided inmates with administrative support to piece together and organize their legal files and petitions, including a clemency petition in connection with a wrongful conviction.

Sigrid is a member of a couple of anti-death penalty organizations. She volunteered for 2 years as a teacher in a penitentiary that combined a jail and a prison to help inmates get their high school diploma. She also held a weekly workshop to teach them basic computer skills.

Greeting Cards for Florida Death Row Inmates

Inmates have people they love and care about on the outside, and mail being so important to them, they naturally want to celebrate their loved ones’ life events with greeting cards.

Wire of Hope is collecting greeting cards for them, so when they’ll need some, they can send us a request. Unfortunately, Florida Death Row inmates – like most Death Row inmates – are not able to work and support themselves, and they can’t always afford to buy cards from the canteen.

If you have accumulated greeting cards that you are not going to use, or if you want to buy some to donate, please send the cards to our Floridian address:

Wire of Hope
P.O. Box 7717 • Jacksonville, FL 32238 • USA

Birthday, “thank you”, holidays, congratulations, “thinking of you” cards or everyday sentiments, all kinds are needed! Just make sure that the cards are only paper, no stickers, no metallic parts, and avoid glitter.

Any quantity (even one!) is welcome and there is no time limit for this!

If you know someone on the row who is in need of cards, tell them to write to the very same address to let us know the kind of cards they need. We ask them to limit to 5/10 cards and to send stamps for the shipping.