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Julius Murphy

Julius is 43 years old and incarcerated in the US (TX).

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Dear Potential Friend,

I believe in individuality and personally understand that we all are surprisingly creative in the innovations of our personality circuit. Though we live in a nonlinear world, we are intriguingly linear in most of our interactions. Though I am currently on Texas Death Row, there isn’t much difference from living a freer life under more governmental regulations as I, too, am under regulations. Therefore, I am inclined to believe life is more simplistic than complex, or at least, this is what I have observed when dialoguing with reasonable minds. It is my desire to fill my existence with that standard of being that is highly proactive.

I enjoy good reading; more educational than novelty. I am physical and take pleasure out of exercising. I’m easily able to talk to about all the mysterious entertainments of being human. Smiling! You know, an healthy exchange of cognitive communication that leads to practical solutions and a hearty release of pent-up frustrations.

It would be a real pleasure to be up and close with stimulative conversational exchange, to better gauge extralinguistics- body language says a lot. Smiling! I am a 43 year-old adventurous mind that likes to explore the delicate intricacies of the human condition.

Therefore, I am looking for reasonable minds I can further develop longevity with and to systemize better structure for the evolution of creativity in a friendship-relationship. Feel free to be yourself for I will only offer a relief from too much stereotypical-minded behaviorisms and secrecy.

I like music, preferably alternative and active rock but take pleasure in most genres of music. I look forward to developing a more structuralized system of self-actualization and close with words from Donella H. Meadows’ book “Thinking in Systems: A Primer”:

“At a time when the world is more messy, more crowded, more interconnected, more interdependent, and more rapidly changing than ever before, the more ways of seeing, the better. The systems-thinking lens allows us to reclaim our intuition about whole systems and
• hone our abilities to understand parts,
• see interconnections,
• ask “what-if” questions about possible future behaviors, and
• be creative and courageous about system redesign.

Then we can use our insights to make a difference (in our personal investments) in ourselves and our world.”

Respectfully Yours,
Julius J. Murphy

P.S. Please know that I can only receive JPays, I cannot send any. So please, if you email me, leave a mailing address so I can respond to you through snail mail.

Seeing You Face-to-Face

At the moment you first corresponded
Thoughts caressed my mind
Like the gentle hands of a friend,
Lover or confidante-
I was stimulated by visions of you.

They came as inspiration to my delight
moments of encouragement when down
And they brought strength and warmth,
to motivate me in my weakened moments.
They penetrated my mind with visions
and words full of meaning.

Your letters painting a perfect image
in my mind of seeing you face-to-face.

Written by: Julius J. Murphy

Layers of Imperfection

Layers of imperfections are such complexities that tend to blind the psyche, and make any person more prone to focusing on what they see as an inconsistency- an issue in their lives. They base all of their emotional problems on these layers of imperfections.

The bad thing about this is they keep that person from seeing how well-balanced they actually are. They actually make us more effective in the areas of our lives that we most need. They benefit our personality most handsomely. There’s something to be said about blindness to one’s perfections: they make you more pursue them unconsciously.

To you, they are external; because you reflect the outside world in your psyche. The funny thing about this is that you’re seeing imperfections while the world is seeing perfections. As with all layered personalities: one will find it has more structure, that is consistent with that complexity it serves. Perfection is the pulling back of all imperfections or the correction thereof.

Imperfections are the total opposite: it is the dissatisfaction and the finding of some fault when there is no fault.

One can become self-absorbed to the point you feel you personally don’t add up. Adding up is always outward, it is what we have to amount to, what we must see through the eyes of others. This is actually the basic principle or standard of living that we’ve evolved from and further into.

Written by: Julius J. Murphy

Otherness: Is Oneness

The way we are in each other’s minds is the way we are in one another’s physical life. What every person has to understand is that the physical comes before the nonphysical. Mind is for all purposes nonphysical. In fact, one of the reasons mind is over matter in the texts, is because all of our accomplishments come from our capacity to envision them as we would want them. So in our mind we think in terms of familiarity: knowledge of what is known. Otherwise our minds would be this blank canvas that has no representative that directs us about revealing to us the reason for the piece of art we’re beholding; it would have no significance.

Life and the Earth is the greatest work of art we could have been gifted with. Why? There’s nothing hidden from our view that we take a healthy interest in- we can make art. We are given every opportunity to invest, ingest and involve our faculties for whatever we believe it will bring us. This gives our mind a solid footing. So whenever it comes down to utilizing our mental capacity, we do so on a sensory/visual platform.

It is never meant to be distant. If it were why does it cause us to want to see and feel in terms of up and close; physically? We should think about that. It all starts now in our minds. We’ve left from “seeing is believing” to “believing is being.” We see all the time. The only time we stop is when we’re asleep.

Just closing our eyes is seeing. And as soon as we want to see with our eyes closed a visual of what we want to see pops up on our mind’s eye. So we were meant to know it even with our eyes closed.

So why not –with eyes open- pursue that which we know as we see it? If we confuse this process we will cease over a period of time to even attempt to dream or even fantasize. So where will the ingenuity go, the will to create in our own image that we’re intended to believe. Belief is a process of coming into a certain system of self-actualization.

It is taking all the evidence and composing our own personal system of governance. It is how we view the world as how it operates for us and our intimate- personal self.

I just had a thought, recalling what a friend once told me… “Yes, and I can be with some people but feel so totally distant whereas I can be with other people just in my brain or in my heart and I feel so totally close.” So I asked her: “With whom do you do this other than with me? Everyone else you do this with, you physically spend time with. So this cannot be correct. Others like Tommi’s mother you very seldom think of her except when nearing her birthday or some special time during the year. Or, am I incorrect? I could think of others, Sandra, your female co-workers, etc. But why would you spend much time thinking about those you see every day when you spend quality time with them all the time, except when doing something for them in their absence or when they’re somewhere on their own like Emma at the North Sea? Just curious.”

I often sit on my mattress and think out loud to myself about where I am at here in this period of my life. Who all is contributing to it and what it means to me. If it can be better or if it will continue on as it is.

So I pose questions like: “What does it mean for you to be close to someone?” “What does talking to them in your mind do for you?” “What does it encourage in you?” “What does it enable you to physically want?”

For me, all the above is only one thing: to physically be with them and spend time with them and caption that time, so we can have something to show for it. The pictures sent and received, the gifts sent and received, the letters written and received; etc. All they do is make us see someone in our minds; to think of them. If any of us don’t have anything to look back on physically to that experience –that moment in time- to say what something or someone meant to us, we will have a lack within our hearts, there’s no entanglement emotionally.

Our memories would never have a record of that interaction. That would not be considered as closeness. I say this because our minds operate as the same system of the brain. This is why when we utilize our mind, our sensory (physical organs) are also utilized. When we use our brain, our mind silently observes what we’re doing. The brain has to impulse via nerve-endings. The mind has no such impulses or nerve-endings. So, in order for the human self-image that is one of the aspects/capacities of the mind that enables anyone of us to direct our free will to be expressive- it has to enter into the confines of our neural capacity.

The information we process to sequentialize becomes our personal, albeit intimate assessment of what we are and want to do. This is how we know well ahead of time what we’re going to do, will do, and will not allow. So the mind and brain utilize their platforms: the brain, which is part of the so-called material world, the third-person perspective (the mind, the psychological world, the first-person perspective). This is how we can utilize our minds to feel close to others from such long distances and feel it in our physical being.

Minds transcend space and time but our brains cannot. You can only see where you are, the mind can see anything your brain has processed at some point in time. So we see how our minds will bring us to want our physical being where we’re mentally focused on. And vice-versa.

For all express purposes, brain is outward while mind is inward. We cannot see mind because mind is everything we have created- so we utilize our brains to see, know, hear, touch, taste and feel our way through it all. But if we will to effect/affect, we have to use our minds.

Think about it… all of the memories we have, all of the desires, etc. Where is it stored in the brain? All we know about physical elements of this thing called life, is that they are stored somewhere. Thoughts have a sort of weight because one thought can change how you feel at any moment. And it feels as if it’s a pressure upon us when that impulse secretes the hormones that signal to the body and mind it is experiencing this emotion or condition.

When we cut the brain open what do we see? Nothing but veins and muscle. Go into your kitchen and what do you see? Places you can store items that serve to bring meaning to your life. In fact, everywhere we go, we have places we can place something. The mind is that place our brain stores all of the information it processes. However, it strings it to process it in moments of our lives. Our brain is a stream of consciousness of the “here and now.” That is it. So, when we’re talking about brain, it is about people and objects around us. Mind is people and places and times somewhere else we want to affect.

So, if it’s for closeness we pursue, we must keep in mind, brain/mind are always interchangeable- they work with each other to effect/affect what they enable us to accomplish. We must never cause our brain/mind to be incomplete. There will always be a lack that can be felt. And they will reveal what that is through your physical senses.

Written by: Julius J. Murphy

Feminism – A Misrepresented Ideology

I’d heard a program on the radio yesterday about the feminist movement and I became a bit upset about it. I correlate the feminist movement with racism. I personally believe these two (racism and feminist movement) are two of the banes of humanity. Racism is all about one’s biases based on the fact there’s little to no understanding about the natural abilities of any nation of people other than one’s own.

It comes through lack of knowledge therefore one’s understanding is lacking. Two, feminism posits inequality. This comes from a lack of knowledge as well. Feminist too often see in terms of their vulnerabilities and the fact they are females. They believe this far removes privilege from them.

Later during the day I fell on a chapter in a book I read some while ago about outer and inner creativity. As I was reading the underlined portion of this chapter (chapter 16), I begun to openly dialogue with myself about this whole thing. I came to the conclusion that the naturality of the human’s (male and female) mindset is predicated upon an open show of sexuality. It’s not so much as about having sex. It’s about the sexual representation of that particular gender’s ideology. This is why I said, “so in our mind we think in terms of familiarity: knowledge of what is known.” Otherwise, our minds would be this blank canvas that has no representative that directs us about revealing to us the reason for the piece of art we’re beholding, it would have no significance.

This is where men and women go wrong.

It is as I wrote in my book (The Capacity for Spiritual Connection)… “It is the chemicals in a woman’s brain that sets off the chemicals in a man’s and vice versa.” Men are often recognizing females for what they are whether women realize this or not. Your sexuality is what we want to protect. However your right to be a sexuality akin to masculinity is what we will not protect.

It is saying women can do the same things equally as men. Men cannot equally do the same things as women. Our anatomical structure won’t permit it. So this is where creativity comes to play in a pivotal role in being able to progress the sexuality in both men and women in any society. Without it falling under some inequality.

For I strongly believe it is a man’s place to teach his women what it means to be a man and a woman’s place to teach her men what it means to be a woman. This is the contributing twin factors of human development. A man cannot learn from men what it means to be a woman, these are two different realities. All a man can learn is how to be a man and what it means to properly represent that to women enough that he is able to draw the ones he prefers.

Men and women must protect the sexual values in their genetics of both sides of the gene pool.

If a man doesn’t know anything about this, it will prove fatal to his understanding the many faces of sexuality. In the 16th chapter, Dr. Goswami wrote about creativity in the sexes. This is where we find a remedy to whatever inequalities that may exist… “In the new, integrated psychology of the self, the twin contributing factors in human development, nature and nurture, find an important third leg: creativity.” In psychological terms, nature refers to unconscious instincts that drive us- drives what Freud called libido; nurture refers to environmental conditioning, much of which is also unconscious. Creativity, in this context, can be thought of as a drive from the collective unconscious…

Creativity is the creation of something new in an entirely new context. Newness of the context is the key. Which is why I stated plainly we should never confuse this process of seeing… *see article Otherness: Is Oneness. “If we confuse this process (of seeing), we will cease over a period of time to even attempt to dream or even fantasize. So where will the ingenuity go (?), the will to create in our own image what we’re intended to believe.” It has to be something other people, whether men or women, will want to invest in as a uniquely compatible correlation to the natural structure of the environment that image is placed.

This is why in outer creativity, the product we create competes with the existing structures of the society. Thus we need raw talent or giftedness and knowledge (including early conditioning) of existing structures in addition to a creative engagement with the problem that is to be solved.

As you know, the world is the particular platform for all manner of creativity. We see it all over the place, coming from both men and women’s minds. This is the thing: the mind is where we constantly turn images over in various ways putting them in various contexts, and giving them positions that enable them to reintroduce exposure that encourages us to want to see them a reality. But in the context that is their domain. This is why the entire brain is depicted as having all these definitions for invention and creativity as interactive elements of contribution.

This is outward creativity.

We’re getting an explicit perspective that draws us into entertaining our own personal and intimate capacity to create. This is inner creativity, and it needs neither talent nor expertise. All it requires is a deep curiosity of an immediate personal kind (what is the meaning of my life?). All it needs is to recognize that with ego-development there is a tendency to neglect our creative power – especially in the matter of further self-development – and to say, in effect, “I am who I am, I’ll never change.” All that inner creativity needs is to realize that the ego-life, however successful, contains unease and lacks joy. So posits Dr. Goswami.

So it is my desire to see the sexes leave off with all the retarding elements of limiting behaviorisms and break free of causation – the aspects that hinder due to biases so that a complete representation can be evolved. To have this in my friendships and close relations – to even evolve our interactions and it be characterized by a dualistic interconnection of our brain/minds from our own perspectives.

What is needed between men and women is physical proximity. Which is the process of creative encounter. It takes place in three stages though. One of those stages I have covered. Yet it is generally recognized that there are at least three distinct stages of the creative process. This first is the preparation stage of information gathering. The second is the major stage of the creative process – germination and communication of the creative idea. The third and final stage is that of manifestation, in which form is given to the creative idea.

I doubt, however, that creativity is the product of progressing through these three distinct stages in an orderly fashion. In other words, we’re going to have to engage in all three throughout the course of our involvement. This is where we critique our creative juices between us to get to the point there is new discoveries, new aspects, new surprises that keep us interested in us as a system.

For as Dr. Goswami asserts, “Thus creativity is the tangled-hierarchized encounter of the classical and quantum modalities of the self (how they react through interaction): information and communication, perspiration and inspiration, form and idea. The ego has to act – but under the guidance of an aspect of the self that it knows not.” So we have to cease focus on the particular aspect of a system of self-provocation or representation because it takes away from the total volume of something.

If you hear the words “full-bodied” in regards to the hair you get my point. It is not just talking about the length of the hair but the hair texture, color, hair follicles, scalp and shine, etc. So we have to do the same with our rational environment.

Then we’ll be able to vibrate upon each other’s wavelengths and resound with each other’s frequencies, so we can elevate our position as equals, respectively, to the world of which we will be a part of.

Written by: Julius J. Murphy


What is the purpose of decisions? Other than to increase our internal potential to think and therefore find adequate solutions, that we come face to face with on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. It’s not like some people who, due to a well tailor-made position, have others making decisions for them.

To make decisions makes plain to us that we are in the consciousness moment of the stream. As I asserted in the appendix of my book on Electromagnetic Theory and the capacity for spiritual connections: “Just like one thought accompanies another so does information – information produces more information.” This is how we’re tapping in. To “tap in” is to be an active part of something that has / or gives us the capability to order our dealings by what we’re processing as vital information.

It’s what I also like to call patterns.

There’s a pattern to the way in which we decide. There’s a routine to our thought patterns. With those thought patterns comes a certain set of circumstances that serve to play out the conditioning of our cerebral cortex. Like I told my friend, Barbara, in my last letter: ”The human condition is always situated upon a specific person and place and circumstances that serve to play out the future condition of those who come after.”

This is the deciding factor into what it is we’re conditioning the waking cortex to resolving itself to.

A friend, Monika, once told me that at times she awakened during the night with intense thoughts. So I asked the following questions: ”You have told me many times that you have awakened during the night with intense thoughts? Tell me what have you surmised from these intense thoughts? What has your visual field enabled you to see?” As you know, seeing is believing. If we cannot see, we cannot decide. The channeling of our visual field grants us the privilege of directing our choice of decision making.

It also tells us who is in control of what and why we think as we do. I told her I would talk to her in my last letter about how we were seeing things.

This is our conscious perception.

In the book by Evan Harris Walker entitled “The Physics Of Consciousness: The Quantum Mind And The Meaning Of Life”, he asserts: Imagine that you are an executive. Decisions are your life. You have an important decision to make that will determine your future, and there are no facts to help you decide which way to go. Intuition is your only guide. You make your call. You make your choice for some reason that wells up from quiet subtleties inside your brain and around the edges of your consciousness. You make that call for some reason that wells up from your will. It is the right call.

The decision works out right. Days later (because things might appear to change in between), you learn what the correct decision had to be, and what it would have meant to have chosen any of the alternatives. At that moment, you experience certain aspects of the moment of decision you made days earlier – not every aspect of that earlier moment, but the few bits of information you needed to make your choice. These moments are the same moment in time. At least for these few bits of your total stream of consciousness that made you make the choice and feel the consequences – at least for that little part of your being – the two are the same moment. That is the miracle that makes us different from any machine we might have imagined people to be. Exactly the same thing can happen for others who are a part of this decision loop that causes state vector collapse.

A piece of time can reach into the future and touch anyone, anywhere, anytime.

These pieces of time, the causal conscious connections between the past and the future, span lines, and structure history as though guided by an unseen hand. They even span the whole course of evolution to make us our own progenitors. And we, in our present moment, now complete that first moment of creation when all this reality began.”

As I’m reading this I came to acknowledge the presence of inner but higher intelligence. Why do I say this? Because when we’re in the consciousness stream, we are exposed to a slew of information from far outside of us. It’s what is impacting the flow of time. This is why we’re always behind time. If we got ahead of time, we’d pass up all consciousness in this temporal habitation.

It’s not like the God consciousness which is above ours governing ours. As a result “one day is like a thousand years and one thousand years as a day to the LORD.”

Let’s say we could dwell in this abode within the confinement of the mind, what would we see???? Complete clarity!!!!! The loop of the eyes is how much they take in. It’s the same as what the book “Fundamentals of Neural Network Modeling” asserts about the memory registers of the brain, “more specifically, this combination of diverse memory registers, with diverse closed loops of different sizes, including one to at least five synaptic relays, seems unique in the brain. It is probably responsible for the one – exposure learning that is peculiar to the hippocampus.”

It is spherical for a reason. The brain sees in spheres. So our understanding of what we see takes us around in circles, while at the same time stirs up creation. It becomes the matter of our minds to be directed by that certain condition of thought. This is why one thought can change the course of whatever we have initially thought. There’s nothing that speaks volumes to our decision making like successive – causality – cause and effect. Just briefly, state vector collapse is the original state of anything (where physics, therefore mankind, starts off).

During state vector collapse, we come face to face with what I call avenues, not alternatives. Alternatives are the result of something getting old over time. While avenues are the ways we can take upon travelling a certain direction. It’s all a part of travelling. Just like it’s all a part of being in control: we must make all the hard decisions. It’s physics working with us to give us power within our will to organize whatever is available.

According to physics of consciousness from the 200,000 synapses that one synapse triggers, we’re only able to take in 17.6 bits of information in the consciousness stream of events. This is fairly small taking into account we’re operating at 47.5 million bits of information per second of the stream of consciousness. This is a bit strange because we don’t realize just what the brain is doing here. It is not possible for any human being to process all that information at one time.

Therefore, the brain needs time within the memory loops of the working memory, either short-term or transient long-term, to give the brain (through its neural networks), the opportunity to further process the rest of those 47.5 million bits of information. So what happens here is our will stirs up the consciousness stream activating that 17.5 million bits and stores the rest. The brain knows what is relative to what the consciousness stream is presenting to us in our visual field.

This goes on the entire day. So just think about how many trillions of bits of information is in our cerebral cortex whenever we’re asleep further processing for the loop? We cannot fathom it. Our will streams grant us extraordinary capacity to decide most effectively. As the MS (mind stream) amounts to 58.7 thousand bits per second. Taking into account this enables us to regulate whatever setbacks that might arise. If we exceed what is available, we will create chaos.

The will is what selects the path we’re taking. You know what I have found so amazing of late? It’s not that I didn’t know this but it’s not been so extremely necessary until now. But there’ll come “moments” in all our lives that we’ll just become overjoyed about something we have decided much earlier. Why? Because that information the brain has stored for further processing has triggered a response.

What response, you ask?

It knows that you’re about to come face to face with the moment in your life that it’ll become relative to further helping you to successfully continue in the direction you have originally chosen.

Scenarios are only episodes in the sequential processes of the consciousness database. There’s never a time we aren’t exerting our wills. This is our gift and blessing because we are the masters of our destiny. In his book, Evan Harris Walker asserts again: ”This means that we have to look at how this aspect of the mind ties in with physical processes in order to understand just what capabilities the will possesses. The will is indeed a part of our mind, but it has other aspects as well. The will is the channel that determines what our next move, choice, and thought will be.

It selects the path our mind takes through the images of things the brain scatters before us. This will is our innermost nature, our being that is there, even when the things we might see go blank. It may even be there when all else is gone… but for that, we must await more understanding. It is perhaps this aspect of the mind that comes to the fore when one is in deep meditation, a state of consciousness designed to remove thoughts and sensory contact with the world – that aren’t necessary.”

Above I spoke of the consciousness design. In my book, in the chapter “The Design for Spiritual Connection (The Vision of God for Life)”, I have asserted ”To speak of a design is to talk of originality – something that is the only of its kind. A blueprint to how it is to be. There’s not so much complexity as there is simplicity. The layout is quite instructive and if followed properly will result in the completion of an expressive work. A work that is the life of its designer. It will have the designer’s approval and blessing, praise and adoration. It will be perfect and will operate exactly as it was designed.”

A design is key to continuity of evolutionary modelling. In the “The Making of the Mind” by Ronald T. Kellogg, he also asserts how our conscious intelligence derived from our social interaction, is the ensemble of the modern mind:

”The second part of the ensemble of the modern mind is an advanced social intelligence that enables human beings to invent – through active collaboration – the languages, beliefs, behavioral practices, and societal traditions that envelop us in our social environment. The innovations made possible by an advanced form of working memory alter the natural world into a social and technological environment of our own design.”

The beautiful thing about the laws of physics that governs the human genome and therefore mental capacity is that it is an intimate-personal design. What amounts to the personality of our will. This is the spiritual aspect here. This is why we’re always happy about those things we’re involved in that we are actively asserting our will in. Our consciousness is the “presence.”

It’s showing the world or that particular environment that these things are happening because I am aware of this/that. I’ve inserted presence into the consciousness flow or stream of all these within my vibrational field. It is what Dr. Zhi Gang Sha calls the wave function – the characteristics of spirit. ”The spirit of anyone or anything is the essence of that thing. Spirit is the boss. Spirit determines the behavior and quality of each and everything. It determines the information, energy, and other physical qualities of all things.” Which is why he makes plain: spirit – the vibrational field – is beyond space-time. There is no physical separation between spirits. All spirits belong to and are part of one universal spirit.

Our senses allow us the capacity to direct our innermost nature upon our environment. This is how our consciousness stream uses our will stream to take all that is necessary pertaining to our specific nature of will to decide which is right and good for us, before reverting to its original state right where we concluded that decision.

Written by: Julius J. Murphy

Date of Birth: 10/25/1978 (43 years old)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black or African American
Ethnicity: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Height: 6 ft.
Body Type: Average
Hometown: Texarkana, Texas (USA)
Spoken Languages: English
Religion: Jewish
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

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