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Rosco Martin

Rosco is 48 years old and incarcerated in the US (MI).

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Dear friends,
Devoted friendships that are undeniably dedicated and sincerely loyal, that are in union, advocating, is what I seek; like freedom mentally, physically and spiritually as one’s soul completely radiating as if the sun is to our earth vital on many levels, as one complete in friendship swayed by the moon’s currents moving mind like tidal waves in solidified unity changing each other in the phoenix of one’s adversity, prevailing past the off beaten path with strategy through noble strength of loyal alliances from true friendships, building, guiding, fostering sympathy and empathy through the raw emotions of care, always, and conduit to one another as friends, striving to be close or like perfection but not snobbish in this carnal physical existence we call life where those with stones cast stones at others who respect their own lives and I’m tired of beating myself like drums, time after time, asking myself why, friendships that are rare and very hard to find, is what I seek to the point if given the chance like Forrest Gump, I would walk even run every square mile on earth just to say I traveled and finally met one sincere friend that’s colorblind, no matter who you are as long as you possess the true traits of character, what I and you consider friends that surely naturally brings forth smiles from honorable humanity no matter who you are or where you’re from, friendship that has no hidden barriers, prejudices, judgements, agendas or mask, that’s undeniably loyal, devoted, dedicated that advocates our future bond of life, and soul every fiber of your spiritual element.
(your comrade) Rosco Rico Martin

“Toys-r-us-kid” (rap song)

Always wanted to be a toys-r-us-kid eventually fast my growing began towering in the hood a legendary figure surpassed many G.I. Joe action figures beyond and urban legend that’s real big fame and fortune came and yet went still say that’s my benz being now it really is remembering way back on how care free living innocent even though the community seen many sacrifices killed news reports flash on when most don’t make it those be the ones who’s dreams are fast and blatant still young and beautiful with their hearts even though no longer here they’re missed dearly they are hug them in my mind spiritually through me they shine moving forward they wouldn’t want to rewind reaching out from their graves hugging me saying we made history finally written on the tombstones of their graves loved them in life and death was told start living today remembering their ways keeps a beautiful smile on my face through God I’ma diamond gracing this stage use to have rough edges as a desert rose I arose hovering I float brought into fruition dreams once was clown but pick myself back up just like when I was a child knocking off dust never expected fast my growing would begin always wanted to be a toys-r-us-kid.


Police exterminating our race out here
Black Lives Matter I care dear
See evil at such a young age
Surprised many when they seen me on the front page
More than locally I’m now nationwide
Internationally advocates kept me breathing
Lost many naturally and in the streets
While I’m still here breathing being
Heart beating while there’s experienced flatline
Emotionally hurt me when I found out started crying
In a cell tucked away in amerikkkaz caucus mountains
Black or white find segregation still surrounds us
My people’s reality civil rights violated in these clinks
Trying their best to emasculate me from being me
Mental molestation to bring on physical castrations
Because of catholic priest defiled them again-n-again
Sorry for their pain in life as children experienced
Let me walk through this pasture free of stress
Like psalms 23rd fearing no man or death
Protected by sages and angel’s breath
Conscious I walk conscience I step
Aware of my life every fiber of depth
Litigated by strangers who don’t embrace me
Who have me locked behind cages with razors
Modern day buck fifty denying appeals for freedom

“Dear God”

Dear God, it’s your son on earth
Have you forsaken me like family
I struggle every day to live your will
Distracted by these Jins who sin
Lucifer only wants to destroy me
On my knees daily constantly praying
Feel as the spirit in me is badly beaten
Reading scriptures in chapters to learn
It was you who carried me ever since
Tears came down when I saw your foot prints
Was told time could heal my wounds
Broke bread with who society look the other way
Closing their eyes to the common man-n-woman
Yet they claim to love you these fools
Not utilizing the tools you gave them to think through
Then they have the audacity to ask why they suffer
Katrina went over their heads it really did
Moses seen this modern-day wickedness
Dear God it’s your son on earth
Have you forsaken me like family
I struggle every day to live your will
Distracted by these Jinns who sin

Date of Birth: 01/09/1973 (48 years old)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black or African American
Ethnicity: Not Hispanic or Latino
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Body Type: Athletic
Hometown: Flint, Michigan & Buffalo, New York (USA)
Spoken Languages: English
Religion: Free Spirit
Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Profile will end on: 04/12/2023

Rosco Martin #204375

Carson City Correctional Facility
10274 Boyer Road
Carson City, MI 48811

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Incarcerated Since: 1989
Sentence Received: 7-30 years & 50-76 years
Earliest Release: 2041

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Second Degree Murder

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