• Prison PenPal Brandon Aubret

    Brandon Aubret

    Brandon is 39 and incarcerated in the US (SC)."I am a fun, smart, positive, honest, brave, outgoing person with a great sense of humor. A great listener and an open book. Anything you want to know, ask and I will tell. I have social media accounts Facebook and Instagram using my real name. I’m 185 and I workout often. My mother is black

  • Prison PenPal Ivan McKinney

    Ivan McKinney

    Ivan is 47 and incarcerated in the US (NJ)."Hello. My name is Ivan. I am hoping to meet some nice people along the way and I am in pursuit of strengthening my outside contacts. I'm a Christian and a prayer warrior. I am a people person with good ideas who comes from a good family. I'm serving a life sentence for crimes of

  • Prison PenPal David Johnson

    David Johnson

    David is 27 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."To my new best friend and to whoever God bless me with. I just want you to know that I have a good heart who's been through a lot. Growing up living in Chicago, IL, as being born there, has costed me a lot, but I still stand strong, believing there is someone out there

  • Prison PenPal Zelos Fields

    Zelos Fields

    Zelos is 49 and incarcerated in the US (CA)."What it do? My name is Zelos, I love reading, writing, working out and watching sports. I'm from South Los Angeles, born and raised... While I'm in here, I try to make all of my time useful to better myself mentally and physically. I'm looking for a friend that will guide me in the right

  • Prison Penpal Carlos Gaines

    Carlos Gaines

    Carlos is 45 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello and God bless; My name is Carlos from Cleveland, Ohio; I’m 45, black & single! I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall & I weigh 230 pounds! My hobbies consist mostly of playing & watching sports, I enjoy reading inspirational books, listening to good music & working out. But as relaxing as those things could

  • Prison PenPal Nathaniel White

    Nathaniel White

    Nathaniel is 34 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."To anyone who stopped by, thank you so much. Those who will go a step further... Hi, I'm Nathaniel and you're exactly what I need right now. A kind, caring, compassionate person who I can take time out to appreciate while both of us get lost in some good, humorous, and purposeful conversations. But, like

  • Prison PenPal Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    Christopher is 57 and incarcerated in the US (WA)."I love quotes. Here's one from my favorite poet, Lord Byron: "Women are the rainbows in the storm of life." Hi, no, I'm not the Coronavirus ;) Friendzone, I'm a California Native (57), financially secure. I'm searching for a meaningful and lasting friendship. I think my best asset is my concerns for others. Someone once

  • Prison PenPal Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel Williams

    Nathaniel is 34 and incarcerated in the US (NV)."Thank you for stopping by my profile! :-D My life at this point is like that of the Phoenix rising from its ashes. Although I don't like WHERE I am today, I love WHO I am and where I'm heading. I try to always see the good and find the "silver-linings". I'm excited about what

  • Prison PenPal Zachary Barfield

    Zachary Barfield

    Zachary is 35 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello! My name is Zach, it's a pleasure to hopefully meet you. I've been here since 2009. It's taught me a lot about myself and made me the man I am today. I'm in search of true friendship, someone I can befriend, tell anything to, and be myself. I've made mistakes but I've learned from

  • Prison PenPal Leonard Love

    Leonard Love

    Leonard is 44 and incarcerated in the US (KY)."Attention profile viewers! ALL LIVES MATTER! Even the lives of Incarcerated individuals who made mistakes in their past. If you're open-minded, non-judgmental and believe in second chances. I would like to hear from you. Kindly introduce yourself and text me at (626) 424-0934 or send me a message at leonardlove718@gmail.com. Hello my name is Leonard