• Prison Penpal Christopher Zambrano

    Christopher Zambrano

    Christopher is 28 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Hello everyone, my name is Christopher, and I am interested in meeting people of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. I would like to hear from others who are optimistic, encouraging, adventurous, passionate, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor. As for me, I consider myself funny, supportive, assertive, optimistic, thoughtful, outgoing,…

  • Prison Penpal Jermaine Williams

    Jermaine Williams

    Jermaine is 42 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."So the thing that I am interested in more than anything else is simply a genuine friendship with the very real possibility of becoming much more. I know that sounds like the biggest cliché but I have my reasons for that. I am a firm believer in this: you may do things…

  • Prison Penpal Everardo Salinas

    Everardo Salinas

    Everardo is 36 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."To my future BF, I know you must be tired of the same old personal ads and lies? Or guys who are lacking honesty, sincerity and respect? Who don’t shower you with attention, affection and appreciation? Well, here are some things I promise you’ll get from me; eyes you can look into…

  • Prison Penpal Matthew White

    Matthew White

    Matthew is 42 and incarcerated in the US (WV)."I just received 2 years, looking for friends that are easy going and open minded. I'm a very easy going and understanding guy. I'm gonna work on my Associates degree in business, once I'm released I will be opening up my own business.

  • Prison Penpal Zachary Danduran

    Zachary Danduran

    Zachary is 28 and incarcerated in the US (CO)."Hello everyone! I signed up for Wire of Hope because I would like to get to know people on the outside. I have been incarcerated since I was 19 and don’t really know anyone on the outside anymore. I want to hear stories about life in the world and your experiences. I…

  • Prison Penpal Donald Hamilton

    Donald Hamilton

    Donald is 33 and incarcerated in the US (OR)."Well, thank you for slowing down and taking the time to view my profile. You may find a handsome, charming, very “middle-aged” guy with a great personality. I am looking for some new people to join this thing we call life. My life has been crazy and yet I still have such…

  • Prison Penpal Chauvet Stiggers

    Chauvet Stiggers

    Chauvet is 36 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Dear Future Friends, Happy New Year! Thank you so much in advance for giving me your valuable time to allow me to introduce myself to you. First, I would like you to just imagine being at the prime of your life and everything seems to be going really great for you. Then,…

  • Prison Penpal Brendan Smith

    Brendan Smith

    Brendan is 22 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."My name is Brendan Smith. I am 22 I have been in jail since I was 18. My current outdate is 05/01/2027 without any good time. I intend to be home April 2025. Both outdates seem like awhile to me too. I am not looking for someone to be my "jail" relationship.…

  • Prison PenPal Ayoola Ajayi

    Ayoola Ajayi

    Ayoola is 34 and incarcerated in the US (UT)."Making new friends doesn't heal the past but, rather opens one's eyes to a better tomorrow. The Bible says iron sharpeneth iron. Hoping to impact someone's life and be impacted. Love to write and have written a book."

  • Prison PenPal Kody Price

    Kody Price

    Kody is 30 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Hi, my name is Kody and I am 30 years old. I am from Illinois. I am looking to meet new people. You can email me through Connect Network or write to the facility. I look forward to getting to know you. You can find more information on how to connect with…