Wire of Hope in the Media


Wire of Hope’s team was interviewed on different occasions, mostly about WoH Prison Pen Pal Program and prison correspondence, but also to share their expertise about various prison related matters. Go take a look at the articles below!

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They Don’t Know Anyone in Prison But Are Still Spreading Empathy as Pen Pals
Jessica Snow – February 28, 2024

In their blog post, Flikshop explores the power of empathy through penpalship. They state that “the value of pen pals in prison cannot be overstated” and look into Wire of Hope’s work and mission.

One Catholic Sister’s Prison Pen Pal Ministry
Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes – November 1, 2023

In this blog article, Justice Coordinator Tracy Abler highlights the incredible impact of Sister Kathleen’s prison pen pal ministry. Her dedication and compassion have touched the lives of many Wire of Hope members.

The Surgeon General Is Right That Loneliness Is an Epidemic, but He Missed 1 Major Cure
Slate – September 12, 2023

Wire of Hope was interviewed by Raymond Williams, currently incarcerated in a Washington State prison, who decided to look into the U.S. Surgeon General’s advisory on the healing effects of social connection and community.

How to Write a Letter to an Incarcerated Person
Innocence Project – April 21, 2023

In her article for the Innocence Project, Meghan Nguyen offers plenty of useful tips to engage in a prison correspondence, including a list of organizations that “provide a safe and structured way to start a pen pal relationship.” And Wire of Hope made the cut!

Letters From Death Row Offer Pen Pals A Leap Of Faith Into The Unknown
The Epoch Times – September 20, 2022

Epoch Times Reporter Allen Stein reached out to Wire of Hope’s Founders to talk about prison correspondence with inmates on death row and how valuable this experience can be on both sides of the fence.

Inspiring Conversations with Sigrid Wade of Sweet Undertone and Wire of Hope
VoyageJacksonville – June 30, 2022

Sigrid reveals her motivations and struggles running two businesses related to incarceration: her stationery shop Sweet Undertone and, of course, Wire of Hope.

4 Prison Pen Pal Websites To Offer A Ray Of Hope
Icy Tales – November 26, 2021

In their article about the positive impacts of prison correspondence, Icy Tales presents Wire of Hope as one of the most famous websites to look for inmate pen pals.

Victims of Macomb Mom’s Adoption Fraud Upset Over Prison Pen Pal Plan
ABC WXYZ – November 9, 2021

Even though this can be seen as controversial, Sigrid and Élodie defend the rights of all incarcerated individuals to join a prison pen pal program and create connections with the outside world.

The Twisted Group Focused on Making Nazis Comfy in Prison
Daily Beast – March 13, 2021

The Daily Beast contacted Wire of Hope to ask their opinion on the Global Minority Initiative, a “prison relief charity” with obvious ties to a hate group.

Comment mange-t-on dans les prisons françaises et américaines ?
Slate – Febuary 26, 2021

Sigrid gave an interview to this French online magazine about how incarcerated people are being fed in American prisons.

Love Don’t Judge – I Married A Man On Death Row
Truly – Febuary 2, 2021

Sigrid revisits her history with prison pen pals, her marriage with someone incarcerated and the creation of Wire of Hope in this episode of “Love Don’t Judge”.

Pen Pal Prison Service Aims for Inmate Reformation
ABC KOLO8 – January 17, 2020

Élodie, along with Benjamin, a member of Wire of Hope at the time (now released), were interviewed for this article focused on Wire of Hope’s Prison Pen Pal Program and the impact prison correspondence can have on someone’s rehabilitation process.