Price List to Sign up an Inmate for our Penpal Program

If you’re trying to help your incarcerated loved one find a pen pal, the list below will give you all of the plans, extras and options available to join Wire of Hope’s Prison Pen Pal Program or update a profile. Click here for more information on how to sign up an inmate for our penpal program, or here to update an existing profile.

Wire of Hope's Plans, Extras & Options

WoH Prison Penpal Program Membership Plans:

• 1-year profile on (up to 350 words, 2 pictures and one 30-second voice message) = $45
• 2-year profile on (up to 350 words, 2 pictures and one 30-second voice message) = $65

WoH Prison Penpal Profile Extras & Updates:

• Address or prison email system update = Always free!
• Photograph/artwork addition or update (each picture) = $5
• Poem/essay/blog/text addition or update (each 350 words) = $10
• Form field entry update (each field) = $5
• 30-second voice message update (one per profile) = $10
• Picture/text/entry/voice message removal (each removal) = $5

WoH Exclusive Social Media Options:

• Post on Wire of Hope’s Social Media (up to 2 per year) = $20
• Video on Wire of Hope’s Social Media (up to 1 per year) = $35

Wire of Hope Social Media Options Terms & Conditions

With these options, Wire of Hope will introduce the member on social media by creating a dedicated post and/or video featuring their picture(s) and profile information! The post/video will be displayed on at least two of our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok and/or Twitter/X, will appear in our followers’ timelines, and possibly spread to a larger audience (based on the platforms’ algorithms).

[PLEASE READ] These options are only available to our members. By purchasing any of these options, the member will give Wire of Hope full discretionary power as to the date of posting, the social media platforms their profile will be featured on, and the nature of the post/video’s content. Trust that our team will work toward creating the most engaging post/video possible for the member, but will accept no liability for those posts/videos, including but not limited to if they were to go viral.

Payment Information

• Payment Methods:

Accepted payment methods include online payments by credit or debit card, money orders, personal and institutional checks. When sending a payment on behalf of an inmate, make sure to let us know their first, last name, location and correctional ID number.

• Payment Plan:
To allow as much as flexibility as possible, Wire of Hope offers the possibility to make multiple payments for the same order, at no extra charge. Simply make sure to always let us know the first and last names, location and correctional ID number of the inmate, every single time you make a payment. The prison penpal profile will be listed on our website as soon as our team gets the required information and payment in full.

• Refer Wire of Hope’s Prison Pen Pal Program to a Friend:
Each time an inmate purchases a profile on Wire of Hope, the referring member automatically receives a 60-day extension of their profile on Wire of Hope. Please take a look at our brochure for more details.