Prison Penpal Profile Voice Message

WoH members can now record their very own voice message!

Let their voice be heard by their future penpals!

Things to Know about WoH Voice Messages

• Every member can have one voice message in their profile to introduce themselves to their future penpals.
• Voice messages can last up to 30 seconds.
• Loved ones of the prison penpal record and send the voice message in MP3 format.
• The MP3 audio file can be sent to Wire of Hope here or as described in our tutorial videos.
• The voice message option is automatically included in Wire of Hope’s upgraded $40/year plan.
• Members who already purchased the $30/year plan can also add the voice message to their profile for only $10! (online payment possible here by choosing the “Prison Penpal Profile Addition” option).
Need technical support? Check out our tutorial videos!

How do I record my loved one’s voice message?

There are different ways to record audio, but the solution described in our tutorial videos is by far the easiest one.

It only requires one phone line (mobile or landline, where your loved one can call you from prison) and one other device connected to the Internet (Apple or Android smartphone/tablet, where you can download the app used for the recording).

Watch Mandy’s tutorial video below!

How do I download & use the recording app and send the MP3 audio file to Wire of Hope?

You have an iOS / Apple device (ex. iPhone, iPad)?
Download the recording app here.

Need technical support? Check out Sigrid’s video tutorial below!

You have an Android device (other brands)?
Download the recording app here.

Need technical support? Check out Élodie’s video tutorial below!