Inmate Penpal Listings

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Prison PenPal Charles Carrington

Charles Carrington

Charles is 54 and incarcerated in the US (SD).
"Hello, I am a 54-year-old man looking for friendship first and foremost. Ultimately, I am praying that the Lord may find me worthy and bless me with a chance to meet my best friend to walk with along the path of life! I have good morals and values instilled in me by one of the
Prison PenPal Jeremy Pimm

Jeremy Pimm

Jeremy is 31 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Hello everybody, great to have you here. I am a laidback guy, who likes drawing, music, and movies. I also like joking around, I try to crack jokes as often as possible. I like playing sports and learning new languages. I have been locked up for nearly 9 years so forgive me if some of my
Prison PenPal Napoleon Jackson

Napoleon Jackson

Napoleon is 37 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"I’m looking for a funny outgoing woman. Someone to talk to, have fun with. A woman that got a goal, ambition. I’m divorced so it won’t bother me if you have been divorced. Things happen, I’m not judgmental. Life is hard but it gets easier with a friend by your side. I’m looking to build
Prison Penpal Quavon Henderson

Quavon Henderson

Quavon is 22 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"I can’t explain through wording without action I’m sure everybody has felt low self-esteem or has been deceived. Pull-up and kick it with me it’s real vibes only. In so many words I’m simply stating I’m having motion so let’s build and help one another become better people.
Prison PenPal Ruben Urena

Ruben Urena

Ruben is 35 and incarcerated in the US (AZ).
"Hello, the picture you see is a glimpse of myself while incarcerated. Allow me this opportunity to show insight to the kind-hearted person I'm known to be. Although I would enjoy explaining the person I was before today and the journey I traveled to where I am now. However, the picture I haven't provided foretells
Prison Penpal Shonta Henderson

Shonta Henderson

Shonta is 24 and incarcerated in the US (IN).
"Hello, my name is Shonta Ebony Sharee Henderson. I am 24 years old, and will be 25 on May 15th if God willing, I have two children ages 2 and 4 {1 boy and 1 girl}. I am from the east side of Chicago Illinois. I have my own business
Prison Penpal Michael Green

Michael Green

Michael is 45 and incarcerated in the US (NJ).
"Hi! My name is Mike. I’m incarcerated in my home state of New Jersey. I am trying this out to try to meet new people and form new friendships. I have two beautiful daughters. I enjoy all kinds of things and almost anything outdoors. Hobbies range from motorcycle riding to hiking and all kinds of
Prison Penpal John Owens

John Owens

John is 41 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"The fact that it's people like you on this website remaining true to your loyalty towards giving people a hope and a moment of your time really shows how honest a true action can be felt. My profile might not say a lot but I am a lot. A friend of mine and his wife
Prison PenPal Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams

Bruce is 41 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Hello, my name is Bruce Williams. Life has taught me quite a bit through the mistake that caused me to be incarcerated which has been instrumental in this learning process. This experience has enlightened me of a knowledge about myself I would have never gotten without this occurrence. Although I'm a spiritual man and who's
Prison Penpal Lon Peterson

Lon Peterson

Lon is 41 and incarcerated in the US (CO).
"Hello! Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my introduction, I hope you find it interesting. My name is Lon Peterson. I am 41 years old. I am a Colorado native. People in here call me "Cowboy". I was raised on a ranch so I love animals and the outdoors. If you appreciate
Prison PenPal Jesse Harvey

Jesse Harvey

Jesse is 43 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Greeting and blessing, my name is Jesse and I must say it feels good to say that I am finally finishing up my sentence after 23 years. I look forward to starting a new journey with new experiences, friendships, and maybe a relationship. I have missed out on a lot, but always been a believer
Prison Penpal Atorrus Rainer

Atorrus Rainer

Atorrus is 41 and incarcerated in the US (CO).
"Hello Someone. I'm Atorrus Rainer. I'm looking for someone to talk to and help me understand the outside world again. Thanks to God, I am in a program called JYACAP (Juveniles and Young Adults convicted as Adults Program) and will be putting in for early parole in May 2024. I have been away from the
Prison Penpal Shawn Frye

Shawn Frye

Shawn is 35 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"“Finally I’m on my way home”! Blessings to you whoever you are! I’m appreciative that you chose to read my profile! And while you’re reading I hope you’re smiling, filled with intrigue while letting your imagination run freely… Anything is possible! Possibilities are endless! I have those thoughts in mind as I wrote this. So
Prison Penpal Robert Rose

Robert Rose

Robert is 36 and incarcerated in the US (WA).
"Hello everyone, I hope that I have captured your attention. I know that meeting new people is always hard to do sometimes but one thing I can assure you is that you never know unless you try. Life can bring you many blessings and I hope you will be a blessing that becomes a part
Prison Penpal Brandon Flores

Brandon Flores

Brandon is 38 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"*TAKE A CHANCE IN NOT ONLY KNOWING MY NAME BUT MY STORY* Let me just be as real, this isn't my first time in prison and I'm no angel! I can say that being in a toxic environment led me here and I'm determined to change my people, places, and things, so I don't come
Prison PenPal Nicholas Haight

Nicholas Haight

Nicholas is 26 and incarcerated in the US (ID).
"Thank you for taking the time to write a prisoner; can't say how much it means. Not the best at talking about myself but I'll do my best. I'm currently going to college and I just became a sophomore this year. I'm hoping to get a 4-year degree in business eventually. I'm an avid reader
Prison PenPal Lonnie Cox

Lonnie Cox

Lonnie is 52 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"HOWDY!!! – a Texas Cowboy “HELLO!!!” I’m hoping to meet a sincere pen-friend to share our daily life, thoughts, opinions, life experiences, goals, and companionship. I believe letters allow our personality and inner beauty to shine. And, it all begins with- “HELLO…” I’m a man of honor, integrity, and respect. I’m honest, caring, ambitious, passionate, intellectual,
Prison Penpal Guy Alexander

Guy Alexander

Guy is 63 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Hi to all and ones across the pond. I'm looking for adult friends, I'm neither bias nor judgmental. I myself don't have rules but the Texas Department of Criminal Justice does, so make sure to not send colored stationery or address labels or stickers, thank you. While in prison, I go by Wulf (nickname). Let
Prison Penpal Jodie Williams

Jodie Williams

Jodie is 39 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Well, hello World! My name is Jodie Williams, but family and friends call me Taco. I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. I have 9 years done on a 10-year bid, so I'm short timing and should be out next year. I'm just looking for cool people to talk to and have some good and fun conversation with.
Prison Penpal Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen

Peter is 31 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hello! I send my greetings to whoever is reading this; I hope my intro reaches you in the best of spirits, doing well and in good health. All of my basic information is available for you to see, but there is so much more than meets the eye. I want to get to know you
Prison PenPal Deangelo Collins

Deangelo Collins

Deangelo is 29 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"To my future friend, Thanks for taking the time out to check out my profile... My name is De'Angelo Collins but everyone calls me $avage. I'm 28 years you and I'm a very outgoing person... Since being incarcerated I've never been the type to just sit around and do my time, I've always tried to
Prison PenPal Jeshane Price

Jeshane Price

Jeshane is 33 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hello, My name is Jeshane. I’m hoping to meet an interesting person to establish a genuine friendship with, not just incarcerated but beyond these gates that to have goals that they are looking to obtain. I’ve been furthering my education while I’ve been incarcerated because I do not want to leave the same way I
Prison Penpal Gillette Hawkins

Gillette Hawkins

Gillette is 37 and incarcerated in the US (PA).
"Pittsburgh native here... My name is Gillette. I'm 37 years old and hoping to meet some new friends here to correspond with. As I write this, I'm feeling an energy of charged expectations of the possibilities "maybe" and "what if" someone does respond back because I'm surely looking forward to it. If you're still reading
Prison Penpal Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel is 24 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hello, my name is Miguel and I'm hoping to meet some new folks to help me establish positive contacts on the outside. I'm from California, I love to read, and work out. I'm interested in furthering my education while incarcerated. I will continue to work diligently and hope to re-enter society as a productive member.
Prison Penpal Angel Torres

Angel Torres

Angel is 34 and incarcerated in the US (AZ).
"Hello 🙂 My name is Angel. Spanish is my first language, so if you're bilingual, that will make it easier for us to communicate. My English isn't what I would like it to be, but I'm working on it 🙂 I'm looking to connect with new people. To gain a good friend would be ideal. I'd like
Prison PenPal John Jenkins

John Jenkins

John is 40 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hi ladies, I'm John, 40 years old. I'm outgoing and down-to-earth. I'm looking for a friend but open-minded to being more. I'm looking for someone I can talk to and get to know. If that's you, feel free to write me, and I'll write you back. A little about me; I am a business owner and
Prison Penpal Alejandro Lira

Alejandro Lira

Alejandro is 33 and incarcerated in the US (IA).
"Dear free world, How is it going out there? I’m Alejandro (Alex), 33, from Illinois. As you can imagine, it’s a little difficult meeting new people due to my current living status. So I decided to join this site. I’m interested in making new friends, people who can help take my mind out of here.
Prison Penpal Malachi Vanderpool

Malachi Vanderpool

Malachi is 20 and incarcerated in the US (IA).
"Hey, my name's Malachi but people call me VP. The reason I created this profile is because I'm very social, but have very few people to socialize with. My hopes are to find a few people who are friendly, supportive, and good communicators. Looking for something long-term; good vibes only! Here's a little bit about
Prison Penpal Julio Chavez

Julio Chavez

Julio is 29 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hi, My name is Julio, I am 29 years old, and my birthday is on October 8. I am Mexican and currently incarcerated at Folsom State Prison in California. I have been incarcerated since I was 18 years old, and I parole in about 34 months. I have 11 years in. While in prison, I earned my high school diploma,
Prison Penpal Dominique Taylor

Dominique Taylor

Dominique is 22 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"Wassup, first off let me begin by saying that I hope whoever reads this is in good health, blessed, and enjoying the new year. I'm here to meet new friends and build a new circle for my release and discover new things. I'm new to the whole penpal thing, so take it easy on me!
Prison PenPal Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Anthony is 58 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"My name is Anthony. My friends call me “Dr. J” and you can do the same if you would like. I am a Christian. In 2022, I earned a PhD in Christian Education during my incarceration. (Thus, my new nick name “Dr. J”) I have been incarcerated since July 2016, almost 7 years and counting.
Prison PenPal Reynaldo Suarez

Reynaldo Suarez

Reynaldo is 26 and incarcerated in the US (NV).
"Just checking this site out for the one time but I’m interested in having conversations with people or maybe anyone who would open any opportunities for an ex-felon. I reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, but as of right now I am considering moving to Reno, Nevada. My picture is old (2017) but once I do
Prison PenPal Keith St Aubin

Keith St. Aubin

Keith is 44 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Heilsa! (wholeness and good health to you) My name is Keith. Most people would say I am straight forward, honest, and someone who can be counted upon to always keep it real. I have been incarcerated for 25 years now - so, as much as I'd like to say I am a worldly person - I have done

William “Cody” Watson

William is 39 and incarcerated in the US (OR).
"Hi, I go by Cody (my middle name). I joined Wire of Hope looking for someone to talk to and build positive friendships with. I'm really into sports and watching football. I'm into just about anything outdoors like hiking, swimming, whatever I can do that's hands-on. I want to talk to someone who can help
Prison PenPal Ricky Coleman

Ricky Coleman

Ricky is 27 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"I’m a 27-year alpha male looking for a woman who can hold a conversation and is willing to build a friendship. I love a smart beautiful woman that I can learn from and also teach some things to. Feed me and I’ll feed you….
Prison Penpal Jacob Holtz

Jacob Holtz

Jacob is 27 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"My name is Jacob. I am a very nice person, loving. I have a great family. I don't hold hate, I'm too happy for that LOL. I'm 27 years old, I am an Aquarius. I have one beautiful daughter. I am using my time wisely to better my education and focus on my mind. I
Prison Penpal David Culver

David Culver

David is 38 and incarcerated in the US (MI).
"Hello World, First I would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to look at my post. I’ve never done this before, so I’m gonna give it a try to see what king of responses I get. I will do my best at making every conversation be pleasant and make
Prison PenPal Ché Jones

Ché Jones

Ché is 30 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"My name is Ché (Shay), I'm 30 years old, and a full-time college student- Associate’s Degree with an emphasis in Philosophy and Communication. I enjoy lifting weights, playing cribbage, doing bead work, and listening to music. Outside of prison, I'm always down for a good time. I enjoy hiking, swimming, long boarding, and taking trips
Prison PenPal James Stanich

James Stanich

James is 39 and incarcerated in the US (MI).
"Hi, my name is Jim. I’m a hardworking, respectful and kind person. I like sports, hunting, reading, movies, playing cards and I just recently started drawing/sketching. I’m a proud Ironworker and Welder and have built many multi-story buildings, factories, bridges, stadiums/arenas and windmills all over America for over 15 years. I love animals, my sweetheart
Prison PenPal Xavier-Hunter Savala Perez

Xavier-Hunter Savala Perez

Xavier-Hunter Savala is 26 and incarcerated in the US (UT).
"I've made bad decisions in my life, but they don't define me as a person. I'm always striving to become the best version of myself possible. I have a hard time being selfish, sometimes it does more bad than it does good, that may be my downfall. I love to explore the world. I can't
Prison Penpal Thomas Stone

Thomas Stone

Thomas is 30 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"My name is Thomas Stone and as much as I enjoy storytelling I must be straightforward. I’m here looking for specific people. The first person I’m looking for is a business mentor. If you’ve ever seen “Free Enterprise”, then you know what I mean. I’m open-minded and receptive to constructive criticism, so no need to
Prison Penpal Jeremy Thomason

Jeremy Thomason

Jeremy is 33 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Thank you for noticing how handsome I am and lucky you because you just found a great guy. So your day just got better. Now, let’s get to the good stuff. I’m all about catching a vibe and having a good time. So no dull moments with me. I’m a good listener, in good times
Prison PenPal Oscar Villatoro

Oscar Villatoro

Oscar is 43 and incarcerated in the US (NY).
"Hi! My name is “Oscar”, if I were to describe myself as a person, I’d say good-hearted, family oriented, honest, respectfully, loving, funny, and down to earth.My hobbies are working out, playing sports, reading, watching movies, and writing poetry.I am looking to meet a woman who is interested in good conversation, someone who
Prison PenPal Skyler Stark

Skyler Stark

Skyler is 35 and incarcerated in the US (IA).
"I’m not entirely too sure what to write in this space considering I’m trying to pique the curiosity of someone purposely setting out to befriend a prisoner. I would think most stable minded people would probably try de-friending a convict? � I mean you would have to have a screw loose or something right? Well,
Prison PenPal Norman Mckenzie

Norman Blake Mckenzie

Blake is 59 and incarcerated in the US (FL).
"Hi there, My name is Norman. I’m a writer and a poet. I also paint. I have a web page where some of my writing, poems and artwork is posted. The dark walls of death row are heavy on my heart. And I could surely use a friend to brighten my day. I’m a good-hearted man that only
Prison PenPal William Lutts

William Lutts

William is 39 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Honor, loyalty, respect, full blast! What’s up y’all? Hope this finds you and yours healthy and in good spirits. So, I’ve been down 19 years now, closed off from the rest of your world and all the amazing things and people it holds. I thought it could be life-changing and a lot of fun meeting some
Prison PenPal Antoine Watson

Antoine Watson

Antoine is 47 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hello! My name is Antoine Watson. Nice to meet you! I’m looking to meet new people and make new friends. I’ve been incarcerated for the past 14 years with little to no connection to the free world. I pray every day that I will receive a letter or an email so I won’t feel lonely, lost
Prison Penpal Maurice Sanchez

Maurice Sanchez

Maurice is 33 and incarcerated in the US (ID).
"My name is Maurice Sanchez. I'm 6 ft. tall. I'm into sports. I'm into cars, tow trucks etc. Just looking for pen pals to make the time go by a little faster."
Prison PenPal Samuel Nolla

Samuel Nolla

Samuel is 26 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hey! I’m Sam, and I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people during my incarceration. A little about myself – I’m 26 years old, and this is my first time in prison. I don’t have that much longer left, but don’t let that keep you from writing me! I’d love to keep up contact when
Prison Penpal John Searles

John Searles

John is 43 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hello! What if I told you this moment, secluded in the seconds that you’re using to read my story, could be the moment that changes everything? That this very moment, very minuscule in stature, can be the key to one of the greatest stories ever told? You’re probably asking why? But I say why not?!
Prison Penpal Christopher Zambrano

Christopher Zambrano

Christopher is 29 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Hello everyone, my name is Christopher, and I am interested in meeting people of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. I would like to hear from others who are optimistic, encouraging, adventurous, passionate, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor. As for me, I consider myself funny, supportive, assertive, optimistic, thoughtful, outgoing, and of course
Prison PenPal Michael Moore

Michael Moore

Michael is 51 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"Hey there world =) Just livin’ the dream. Fell from grace, trying to find my place in our crazy world. Lost my happy, lost my smile. Can you help me find it? Looking for someone with the spark to light up my life and rock my world! =) Like to meet good friend and nurture
Prison PenPal Carlos Henderson

Carlos Henderson

Carlos is 24 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Wassup, my name is Carlos but everyone calls me “Almighty”. Well, I love music; I rap myself. Since I have been locked up, I got a lot of tattoos. I love to go shopping. I love to have fun, I’m really a “Vibe” no cap, what I’m looking for in a woman is a woman
Prison PenPal Charles Jarrett

Charles Jarrett

Charles is 32 and incarcerated in the US (IN).
"Even though the bio already states that I’m a Gemini, I feel that it’s an appropriate place to start with this "introduction" because a large part of who I am, I am able to contribute to the fact that I’m a Gemini. My curious nature. My artistic/creative spirit. My intuitive sense of reality... All things
Prison Penpal Thomas Ragonese

Thomas Ragonese

Thomas is 33 and incarcerated in the US (FL).
"My name is Thomas. I am Italian/Sicilian American. I love to cook, fix things, build things and play music. I come from a large family so family values are important to me. I love children, I want to have lots. I've had some set backs in my life but they do not define me. I
Prison PenPal Matthew Tomlinson

Matthew Tomlinson

Matthew is 48 and incarcerated in the US (AZ).
"Looking for a connection- Been locked up so long I don't know the first thing about relationships be it friendships or romantic in nature. Trying to reach out and find some common ground so we meet and try and remedy that alienation I feel from modern society. I can't relate with this society and that
Prison PenPal Andrew Montgomery

Andrew Montgomery

Andrew is 25 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"Hey, my name is Andrew (lol it sound funny saying that), but everybody calls me Blue. I’m cool with either so don’t trip. To keep it a buck, it’s hard trying to write this. I wanted to say something cute but didn’t want to sound corny or seem like a player. Then I didn’t want
Prison Penpal Randolph Murie

Randolph ‘Dean’ Murie

Dean is 52 and incarcerated in the US (OR).
"Did you hear about the new Corduroy pillow? It's making headlines... Hi! I'm Dean. My mother did the disservice of naming me Randolph, but I overcame it by using my middle name. I am from Utah originally and Oregon lately. I have a wide spectrum of interests and like to learn new things. I enjoy
Prison Penpal Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Andrew is 43 and incarcerated in the US (FL).
"I am a single black male, age 43, seeking friendship and more from open-minded single females, 40-55. I'm hoping for serious, understanding, outgoing, independent women to reply. If you are looking for someone who is ready to build a relationship that can last a lifetime, I may be the one for you. Replying electronically or
Prison Penpal Marc Norfleet

Marc Norfleet

Marc is 54 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"I am in hope of meeting a somewhat God-fearing person to expend eternity with. I am wrongfully convicted. I’m from Menasha Wisconsin, I plan on publishing a book on it. An entrepreneur; funny; spontaneous; parent ; biracial 54 year 215lb guy.
Prison Penpal Corey Chambliss

Corey Chambliss

Corey is 33 and incarcerated in the US (MI).
"Hello ladies, first and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time out to check out my page. My name is Corey Chambliss, I'm 33 years old, my birthday is October 6th, 1989, and I'm a Libra. I am very caring, understanding and a great listener. I'm really looking for long-term penpals or friends, someone
Prison PenPal Michael Kral

Michael Kral

Michael is 40 and incarcerated in the US (ID).
"I would like to introduce myself, my name is Michael Kral. I have no crimes against women or children. I am a very outgoing person and very energetic. Making people laugh is a top priority to me! I grew up in a small farming town in Idaho. I have done everything from milking cows to
Prison Penpal Robert Peterich

Robert Peterich

Robert is 50 and incarcerated in the US (PA).
"What’s up, My name is Rob, What kind of birds can’t fly?….penguins…silly…I bet you thought I was going to say jail birds! LOL! Well they can’t fly either unless it is on Con-Air, which I flew on all the way from California to Pennsylvania, this place is freezing. People say I am naturally funny and
Prison PenPal Kenneth Moody

Kenneth Moody

Kenneth is 48 and incarcerated in the US (MS).
"Hello! Thanks for reading my ad! I’ve been in prison for 28 years and it gets hard to hang on…. Most of my family have died off or abandoned me and I need outside contacts to write to and share with and to hear from about their life. I don’t have many friends inside prison
Prison PenPal Pierre Ramsey

Pierre Ramsey

Pierre is 31 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"Blessings, I want to first say thanks to all, that take the time to view my profile. My names is Pierre, my associates call me P, my family calls me Davonne. I am truly seeking to connect with somebody to build with, somebody to laugh with, somebody to talk about the ups and downs of
Prison PenPal Charles Miller

Charles Miller

Charles is 48 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Is there anyone out there who believes in second chances? I need a second chance at laughter, love and friendship. I’m looking for a woman who is willing to let me be a light in her life. I am easy to talk to, a good listener and have a few hobbies: reading, sports and working
Prison Penpal Donald Hamilton

Donald Hamilton

Donald is 33 and incarcerated in the US (OR).
"Well, thank you for slowing down and taking the time to view my profile. You may find a handsome, charming, very “middle-aged” guy with a great personality. I am looking for some new people to join this thing we call life. My life has been crazy and yet I still have such an upbeat look
Prison PenPal Julian Rodriguez

Julian Rodriguez

Julian is 22 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe the reason why you are reading this right now is because you truly are to be in my life, whether as a friend, an associate, something way bigger than both or just to introduce yourself to someone you've never met and then keep living your wonderful life.
Prison Penpal Nasim Irsan

Nasim Irsan

Nasim is 29 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"May peace be with you. Being in prison has given me a lot of time to ponder on my purpose on Earth. I’ve made mistakes in my life, but that has helped me to grow into the phenomenal man I am today. I am hoping to find true friends that may help me on this
Prison PenPal Dekeith Owens

Dekeith Owens

Dekeith is 36 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"My name is Dekeith, nickname Keekee, and I’m looking for a friend. I want someone to talk to during these hard times. If you think you're willing to talk to me, then let me tell you about myself. I love music and I like to draw. I'm always wishing I could be happier, but my
Prison PenPal Matthew Dodd

Matthew Dodd

Matthew is 33 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"Hey, I’m Matt Dodd, I’m Native American and German/Irish. I am currently incarcerated at Lino Lakes attending the faith-based program they have here. I am 33 years old and single. I’m using my time in here to better myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I enjoy practicing my native culture, I’m a spiritual person, and I believe
Prison PenPal Derek Paehlig

Derek Paehlig

Derek is 27 and incarcerated in the US (MI).
"I am a guy that has been told to be a great listener and a people person. I'm very goal orientated, once I put my mind to something then I'm going to try my best to achieve it. My hobbies include playing/watching sports, movies and T. V. shows, the outdoors, bonfires and nature walks. I
Prison PenPal Xavier St Hill

Xavier St Hill

Xavier is 26 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hey there, my name is Xavier, thank you for checking out my profile and giving me the time of day. I’ve never done this so it’s a bit odd, but I thought it was worth a shot. I’m looking to better myself and my surroundings and people around me, so basically I’m looking for people
Prison Penpal Joseph Hager

Joseph Hager

Joseph is 35 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hello! My name is Joseph. I'm a Mexican Mafia Gang "Dropout". Throughout my life I was led to believe things were a certain way (conditioned). And it wasn't until 2011 that I came to realize that my life was meaningless. I dropped out and started down a path to change my life. I thought it
Prison PenPal David Torres

David Torres

David is 27 and incarcerated in the US (NV).
"First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for taking the time out of your day to click on my profile and taking the time to write to me. My government name is David Torres but all of my friends call me "Guero Nasty", it’s not what you think, it’s metaphorical lol Just
Prison PenPal Shawn Gaston

Shawn Gaston

Shawn is 34 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"Hi, I hope it’s been a peaceful and prosperous day. Thanks for showing interest in me. I sit back daily trying to speak new bonds and experiences into existence. I was introduced to the site by a friend of mine and I’m just hoping to share in the same success of meeting beautiful hearted people
Prison Penpal Nikki Zinger

Nikki Zinger

Nikki is 58 and incarcerated in the US (AR).
"My name is Nikki and I would like to share your good and bad days. Learn to be the kind of friend you need. I don't promise a lot but what I can promise is to be me with you! Honest, caring and if we make a mistake we can fix together. I love music
Prison PenPal Montana Cutbank

Montana Cutbank

Montana is 23 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"What's up?! Thank you for taking an interest in me and hopefully we become life-long friends. Now, let me try to tell you about myself. One of the main things I like to do in here is read, especially manga, so I'm a little bit of a nerd, ha! I work out every day of
Prison PenPal Brian Madding

Brian Madding

Brian is 45 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hello, I’m Brian, I’ve been locked up since May 1st, 2019. I was convicted and sentenced to a Life Without Parole sentence on December 19th, 2019, and arrived in prison on December 27th, 2019. Ever since then I have been going to therapy, NA meetings and Church. I’m from Sacramento, California. I leave behind a 9 year-old son and
Prison Penpal Tarius Gresham

Tarius Gresham

Tarius is 32 and incarcerated in the US (MN).
"Hello beautiful ladies, spiritual and very exciting but you have to get up with me to find out more."
Prison PenPal Harold Laird

Harold Laird

Harold is 48 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"Hello, my name is Harold, I'm a Pennsylvania boy but have lived in Texas most of my life. I'm 5'8 and in shape. I'm a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious and creative person. I spend most of my time studying, reading, writing, working out and drawing. I enjoy laughing and having fun. I strive to make the
Prison PenPal Sofiane Kouidri

Sofiane Kouidri

Sofiane is 27 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"My name is Sofiane, I’m looking for friends to help me stay in contact with the word. I’m a nice guy, sweet and sensitive. I love God and my family. I’m 27 years old, 6ft1. I try to always see the good even when it seems hopeless. I’m kind and loving.
Prison Penpal Chody Graham

Chody Graham

Chody is 31 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"Some people think I’m flirty. My momma thinks I’m handsome. I like long romantic walks along the rec yard wire, and I can cook. Tired of doing time alone, looking for someone to spend a little time with. I work on art, drawing portraits, cars, and other requests. I like to read philosophy, thinking about
Prison PenPal Raymond Taylor

Raymond Taylor

Raymond is 28 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"World, this is a man who loves life and just enjoys it no matter what it is and how it comes. I’m looking to meet people new as I do this time and change my life around and be a real businessman at the plan I have when I get back in the real world.
Prison PenPal Enrique Aguiña

Enrique Aguiña

Enrique is 26 and incarcerated in the US (AZ).
"Hello, my name is Enrique Aguiña, I’m 26 years old and currently serving out the remainder of my sentence. I will be released mid-December 2023. I’m looking for friends to correspond with in the meantime. I’m into having good conversations and I’m willing to be open-minded. I spend most of my days drawing, writing, reading or working
Prison Penpal Clarence Jones

Clarence Jones

Clarence is 52 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"My name is Clarence, but they call me C-Low. I was incarcerated as a young man, and I have grown since my time of incarceration. I have established a relationship with myself as well as found guidance with God. I am currently a mentor in our facility’s Faith Base Pod. I enjoy all sports, playing
Prison Penpal Matthew Ferman

Matthew Ferman

Matthew is 40 and incarcerated in the US (OH).
"There's an unquenchable fire in my heart to help others and I'm driven by a burning desire to turn pain into healing power. Hi, my name is Matthew and my work as a psychological aide/peer supporter is an important part of my life. Recently I received a job offer/promotion that's brought me to a new
Prison PenPal Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry

Aaron is 30 and incarcerated in the US (IL).
"“It’s difficult, starting over, but better than going backwards” First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read my profile. My name is Aaron, but family/friends call me “A.P.” I’m a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative person. I’m a loyal, positive, uplifting, supportive type of
Prison PenPal Ratthapho Phommatha

Ratthapho Phommatha

Ratthapho is 38 and incarcerated in the US (CO).
"Hello, My name is Ratthapho. Everyone calls me Po. A little about me is that I love life and am trying to encompass everything I can, and do it all in the short time we have on this earth. Seeing the world and connecting with different cultures are passions of mine, along with trying to
Prison Penpal Jonathon Shields

Jonathon Shields

Jonathon is 35 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"My name is Jonathon Shields. I’m a Gemini, about 6’8”, 250 pounds, a sweet, handsome man covered in fascinating/meaningful tattoos, not just covered to look tough or put on a front. My mistakes don’t define me, I’m a smart individual who has just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, in my life I’ve
Prison Penpal Willie Raven

Willie Raven

Willie is 57 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"Thank you for stopping by and checking out my profile. To be honest, I have always been skeptical about pen pal services. I just didn’t think anyone out there would be interested in talking to me while incarcerated. However, I’m going on blind faith there may be a possible friend or two out there. Currently,
Prison Penpal Jerry Holt

Jerry Holt

Jerry is 63 and incarcerated in the US (TX).
"I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, with my dad and stepfamily, and spent summers near Syracuse, New York, with my mother and sisters. All of my family has passed away or stopped contact while I have been incarcerated, except my sister who has encouraged me to make new friends because she is in poor health
Prison PenPal Juan Pablo Torres

Juan Pablo Torres

Juan Pablo is 36 and incarcerated in the US (CA).
"Hello up there, ladies! My name is JP, short for Juan Pablo. I am 35 years old and a Leo, from South Bay of Los Angeles. My hobbies are playing guitar and writing songs. I also read and study a lot and I enjoy it. Currently, I'm enrolled in Coastal College for a Sociology and Business
Prison Penpal Clinton Taylor

Clinton Taylor

Clinton is 34 and incarcerated in the US (GA).
"Hi, my name is Clinton Taylor. I've been in and out of the prison system since I was a juvenile. My family has always supported me and been had my back but sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone who just wants to listen or can offer advice or support that I have no family
Prison PenPal Willie Youmans

Willie Youmans

Willie is 36 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"Hello pretty ladies, I hope by the time you all read this, it finds you on top of the world and not with the weight of the world on top of your shoulders. I’ve been down for 12 years and I am soon to be released. I am looking for someone who can open my
Prison PenPal Robert Harper

Robert Harper

Robert is 66 and incarcerated in the US (FL).
"Greetings and respects, In hopes to reach you in great spirits and best of health. My name’s Robert Harper, I’m 65 years old, 5’11, weight 185 lbs and I’m African American. I’m also from Washington DC. I’m currently awaiting for the district of Columbia (DC) to release me because on date 8-8-2021 I was granted
Prison Penpal Dillan Hager

Dillan Hager

Dillan is 34 and incarcerated in the US (OK).
"I don’t necessarily have a certain type of woman, I’m just looking for someone who wants the same as me: someone to care about and to be there when times are hard. Someone to laugh and have fun with, and enjoy life and love with."

Christopher Haynes

Christopher is 47 and incarcerated in the US (VA).
"I'm 47 years old. Been locked up for 20 years now. From that first day up until now I've become a better person. I spend my time working, reading and lifting weights. Staying in shape and fit is a passion of mine. I'm into all types of music. What I'm basically looking for is friendship
Prison PenPal Daniel Santana

Daniel Santana

Daniel is 47 and incarcerated in the US (NY).
"Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. I’m in search of a penpal, someone special and open-minded who would not mind developing a flourishing friendship. I truly believe that friendship should be built upon a solid foundation of trust, honesty, respect, appreciation, sincerity, and attention. As for myself, I’m a mature,