• Prison Penpal Dwan West

    D’wan West

    D’wan is 38 and incarcerated in the US (PA)."How’s everybody? I have exactly two years left in prison. I’m just looking for a friend to talk and pass the time with. I’ve been in here 11 years. I’ve changed my life around, looking forward to coming home and enjoying life. I was nervous about setting this up, wasn’t sure what…

  • Prison Penpal Kenneth Ward

    Kenneth Ward

    Kenneth is 32 and incarcerated in the US (NC)."Hello, my name is Kenny, I'm 32 years old. I'm looking for a female who can hold a conversation, who loves to laugh, and mentally supportive. In return, I will give you the same things. I am a loving and caring man. Reach out and let's start a new friendship.

  • Prison Penpal Ronnie Hill

    Ronnie Hill

    Ronnie is 30 and incarcerated in the US (FL)."First off, let me start this with I'm looking for a friendship. Someone whom I can build with, get to know, and who understands my circumstances. Though I can't be there physically I will do my best to make it up emotionally and mentally! To uplift and help as much as I…

  • Prison Penpal Cullen Mudrak

    Cullen Mudrak

    Cullen is 25 and incarcerated in the US (WI)."Hello, we all have the desire to have meaningful conversations as humans. Social interactions provide us with so much more than we can understand until we have these interactions limited or taken away altogether. One thing I have come to realize over the three years of my incarceration is how much I…

  • Prison PenPal Roman Peters

    Roman Peters

    Roman is 38 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."I'm looking to build a genuine friendship. I'm a giver who loves love! Add me on JPay with my correctional ID number (229963)."

  • Prison Penpal Jesse White

    Jesse White

    Jesse is 35 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Hi, my name is Jesse White. I'm 35 years old, originally from California, specifically Los Angeles, but I was born in Lviv, western Ukraine. I know multiple languages. My hobbies include quantum physics, drawing, tattooing, and I'm into music. I like all types of music, but I love hardcore metal and EDM…

  • Prison Penpal Kalon Harvey-Brown

    Kalon Harvey-Brown

    Kalon is 28 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."Hi, I’m Kalon. I’m from Minnesota. I’m a Scorpio, I’m 6’5. I love reading. I’m into sports. I’m energetic. I’m funny and I’m looking for a woman I can meet in the real world. I’m looking for more than a pen pal. I’m looking for a woman who can reciprocate my energy. You can…

  • Prison Penpal Zachary Hart

    Zachary Hart

    Zachary is 39 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."I am pretty sure you can tell just looking at me that I'm the type of guy who helps little old ladies across the street or rescues kittens from trees for children or saves people from burning buildings. Some would call that a HERO, I'd call it just another Tuesday. Also when…

  • Prison Penpal Cody Brock

    Cody Brock

    Cody is 36 and incarcerated in the US (WA)."Hello, my name is Cody Brock. I’m 6’2 with brown hair and hazel eyes. I’m from Bellingham, Washington, in the United States of America. I’ve been in prison for 5 years now and currently working on a release plan. I am trying to meet new people from anywhere around the world and make some…

  • Prison Penpal Dillon Scott

    Dillon Scott

    Dillon is 29 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Hi everyone, I hope all is well. I have 9 older sisters. I love being an uncle and dad. I enjoy working out, reading, drawing, painting, camping, hiking, fishing, going to rodeos, and racing cars. I was born in Italy. I can speak, read, and write Italian fluently. I was raised on…