• Prison PenPal Roberto Santistevan

    Roberto Santistevan

    Roberto is 65 and incarcerated in the US (CO)."Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my profile. My name is Roberto, but the guys in here call me “Big Bob.” NOT because I lift the heavy weights, but because I have a big heart! Once upon a time, I was a handsome young man! I’m really not sure…

  • Prison PenPal Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy Johnson

    Jimmy is 56 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Hello, I’m looking for a special friend, someone I can talk to about anything, someone I can laugh with or cry with. And ladies, I promise I’ll always be there for you when you need a friend to talk to. Let me be honest, I’ve been locked up 10 years, I’m around…

  • Prison PenPal Christopher Williams

    Christopher Williams

    Christopher is 56 and incarcerated in the US (OR)."New-found friend, despite the length of my communication. I am writing in high hopes of igniting your fuse of interest in every way possible. We must be on this website for the same reason? In search of happiness - pleasure - romance - satisfaction and meeting that one individual who can make…

  • Prison PenPal Rhonda Glover

    Rhonda Lee Glover

    Rhonda is 56 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."My name is Gaelic / Rhonda Lee Glover. I am Scottish on both sides of my family, and Cherokee Native American. Britt is my other family’s name. I have lived and worked in London. W11 and the business district. I have extensive travel memories, and often relive some sailing trips, scuba excursions,…

  • Prison PenPal Christopher Bitsilly

    Christopher Bitsilly

    Christopher is 47 and incarcerated in the US (NV)."Hello, I’m Chris, hope you’re having a good day. I heard about Wire of Hope from a fellow inmate and it sounded nice. Thought I’d give it a try! I don’t have a whole lot of contact with the outside world, living in such a well-protected gated community ;-) Wire of Hope…

  • Prison Penpal Steven Bemis

    Steven Bemis

    Steven is 44 and incarcerated in the US (UT)."Hi, I am Steve and I am just looking for a pen pal. Please write to the address indicated in the contact information tab of my profile."

  • Prison Penpal John Lofton

    John Lofton

    John is 51 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Hello, my name is John. I’m looking for a friend; one can never have too many friends in this world. Plus, I feel that mail can always help to brighten someone’s day. I’m 51 years old, with the spirit of a 25-year-old, haha. I have a great sense of humor and a…

  • Prison Penpal Lon Peterson

    Lon Peterson

    Lon is 41 and incarcerated in the US (CO)."Hello! Thank you for taking the time to stop and read my introduction, I hope you find it interesting. My name is Lon Peterson. I am 41 years old. I am a Colorado native. People in here call me "Cowboy". I was raised on a ranch so I love animals and the…

  • Prison PenPal Joseph Blaszczyk

    Joseph Blaszczyk

    Joseph is 57 and incarcerated in the US (VA)."Hi, I’m Joe! :) I’ve been incarcerated for over twenty years and one of my favorite things to do is sharing life with people out there and keeping up with the outside world. It is not important to me who you are or what you do, what’s important to me is that…

  • Prison PenPal Sydney Petillo

    Sydney Petillo

    Sydney is 48 and incarcerated in the US (CA)."Hey, hi, how are you; hope blessed by the “Most High”… This profile is not a game ploy or some play-by-play script, playaz be poppin’, just tryna get the cookie! This profile description reflects my ability to be honest, flexible, transparent, down-to-earth and with the business. These attributes and characteristics of mine…