• Prison Penpal Nico Lappin

    Nico Lappin

    Nico is 30 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Hi, I hope this finds you doing nothing short of amazing. My name's Nico, and this is my first time on WoH. Not too sure how to do this whole intro thing, so bear with me lol. I guess you can say I lost sight of what a meaningful conversation is and the comfort…

  • Prison Penpal Ulyesses Dunn

    Ulyesses Dunn

    Ulyesses is 24 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Howdy, my name is Ulyesses, a well-spoken outgoing, king, caring, and understanding person. I’m 24 years old, I have been incarcerated since 2022, and I’m unsure of my release date. Due to the current situation, I’m trying to stay positive and keep my head up, but in all honesty it would be…

  • Prison Penpal Emmanuel Gomez

    Emmanuel Gomez

    Emmanuel is 38 and incarcerated in the US (MT)."What’s up? My name is Emmanuel and I’m looking for someone to write or maybe call sometimes. I’m a really good listener. I am a little shy and I’ve been told I’m a generous and sensitive person, but you can be the judge of that. I have a good sense of humor…

  • Prison Penpal Brian Piechowski

    Brian Piechowski

    Joshua is 40 and incarcerated in the US (CO)."Hi, My name is Brian. I’m a 6’2, good looking white male or so I’ve been told. I have long hair, deep blue eyes, and an extensive collection of tattoos. I have an awesome sense of humor and am very open-minded and love to have fun. I am truly looking for friends,…

  • Prison Penpal Christopher Decker

    Christopher Decker

    Christopher is 48 and incarcerated in the US (NE)."Hi, I'm Bjorn, I'm a rock n' roll country boy who loves to fish and take in the outdoors. I'm someone who likes to keep it real and not play emotional games. I believe in honor, accountability, self-reliance, and the values of Norse Heathenry. I use humor to deal with tough situations…

  • Prison Penpal Shonta Henderson

    Shonta Henderson

    Shonta is 24 and incarcerated in the US (IN)."Hello, my name is Shonta Ebony Sharee Henderson. I am 24 years old, and will be 25 on May 15th if God willing, I have two children ages 2 and 4 {1 boy and 1 girl}. I am from the east side of Chicago Illinois. I have my own business

  • Prison PenPal Denny Hornia

    Denny Hornia

    Denny is 35 and incarcerated in the US (ID)."My name is Denny, I'm single, and I’m looking for love and friendships. You can find me on JPay. Thank you very much!"

  • Prison PenPal Josue Sosa

    Josue Sosa

    Josue is 40 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit about myself. I'm a self-taught artist and enjoy reading and creating in many ways on my free time. I'm currently focused on advancing in my drawing capabilities and strive to open my own tattoo studio once released. I'm very intrigued by Native…

  • Prison PenPal Shafiq Imani

    Shafiq Imani

    Shafiq is 42 and incarcerated in the US (WI)."First, I want to thank you for taking the time out to read my profile. I know it’s not an easy endeavor when deciding who or if you’re going to write to. I will be the first to admit that the individual who entered prison at the age of 19 years old…

  • Prison PenPal Gredis Portillo

    Gredis Portillo

    Gredis is 32 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."I would like to start off by saying that I’ve almost been incarcerated over 13 years and it has been the biggest learning lesson for me, especially coming to prison at a young age. With the passing of time, I’ve recognized, accepted and learned from my mistakes. I know I’ve let a…