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    Alexander Noah

    Alexander is 27 and incarcerated in the US (KY)."I am 27 years old, former army. I am divorced and of catholic religion. I enjoy video games, cards and reading books. Love history and learning new things. I am very versatile on topics and enjoy multiple things. I do like sports mostly football and baseball, I do like college basketball, but…

  • Prison PenPal Tony Blunk

    Tony Blunk

    Tony is 28 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Hi I'm Tony, but everyone calls me TJ. This is the first time I've been to jail and prison. One night I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and I made a very bad decision that I’ll regret for the rest of my life. I am lucky enough…

  • Prison PenPal Daniel Rosenberg

    Daniel Rosenberg

    Daniel is 58 and incarcerated in the US (NV)."Breaking News – Old dog teaches inmate new tricks! In a stunning development, it seems nature has reversed roles and dogs are teaching inmates how to improve their life skills! Greetings, animal lovers! My name is Daniel and I’ve been fortunate to spend much of my time working with dogs, horses, and…

  • Prison PenPal Elijah Lowe

    Elijah Lowe

    Elijah is 20 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."Looking to get to know somebody. And for them to truly want to know me as well."

  • Prison PenPal Minton Spencer

    Spencer Minton

    Spencer is 30 and incarcerated in the US (CO)."My name is Spencer. Before prison, I worked at an auto dealership. If I wasn't at work, you probably would have found me at the race track or up in the mountains hiking. I love the outdoors. I enjoy working out and keeping my body in good physical condition. I love animals.…

  • Prison PenPal Amanda Young

    Amanda Young

    Amanda is 44 and incarcerated in the US (AL)."I'm a perfectly imperfect, beautiful disaster! I have a smart mouth, a kind heart and a great ass. I'm very open-minded and non-judgmental and nothing much shocks me... but feel free to try. I'm a bit of a firecracker so if you think you can handle me (flaws and all) then maybe…

  • Prison PenPal Ben Alverson

    Benjamin Alverson

    Benjamin is 47 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."Hellouuu! (I'm not senseless, just silly.) Do you adore animals, particularly dogs? (I've worked as a groomer at Petco) Do you welcome whimsy and artistic expression? Is intellectual conversation important? If you've answered affirmatively to any of these queries, I would appreciate hearing from you! I'm Ben: NBM/SWM, a published author, freelance…

  • Prison Penpal Richard Tabler

    Richard Tabler

    Richard is 44 years old and incarcerated in the US (TX)."BLACK LIVES MATTER! Every profile I have had the chance to see or read, always starts off the person looking for a pen friend (penpal) or explaining why you should write to him/her. After reading over my last profile I decided that I wanted to be different from everyone else,…

  • Prison Penpal Kyle Hulbert

    Kyle Hulbert

    Kyle is 40 and incarcerated in the US (VA)."HA! Victory is mine! I've finally managed to wriggle out of my Technicolour straitjacket and have successfully distracted the screws with contraband XXX nudie mags! But wait! Here's a delightful conundrum: now that I've got the opportunity to tell you all about myself, just what am I to say that will compel…

  • Prison PenPal Michael Kral

    Michael Kral

    Michael is 40 and incarcerated in the US (ID)."I would like to introduce myself, my name is Michael Kral. I have no crimes against women or children. I am a very outgoing person and very energetic. Making people laugh is a top priority to me! I grew up in a small farming town in Idaho. I have done everything from…