• Prison Penpal Alexis Stoneburner

    Alexis Stoneburner

    Alexis is 27 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello, I like to have good, deep conversation about anything interesting. I’m looking for encouraging people who can help me get through the rest of my time incarcerated. I love to laugh and joke. I’m a smart girl who made some bad choices, but I am moving forward and bettering myself each…

  • Prison PenPal Jeremy Richards

    Jeremy Richards

    Jeremy is 38 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello, my name is Jeremy. I like to laugh and have fun. I don’t have a lot of time left. Im looking for someone to correspond with, possibly meet when I get out.

  • Prison PenPal VonDerek Knuckles

    VonDerek Knuckles

    VonDerek is 53 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Greetings, Lonely heart seeking to meet a woman who’s sincerely interested in taking the opportunity to meet and become friends. As a person I like to be fun, I like to make others laugh. So let me take this time to tell you a little about myself beyond the obvious. I come…

  • Prison Penpal Francis Neely

    Francis Neely

    Francis is 53 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello. My name is Francis Neely, everyone calls me Frank. I am 53 years young, down to earth, laid back, with a good sense of humor. I am 5 ft 10 inches and weigh 195 pounds, red hair and blue eyes, with a couple of tattoos. I love the outdoors, fishing and…

  • Prison PenPal Phillips James

    Phillips James

    Phillips is 40 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."I am looking for new interesting and positive people to correspond with and have great conversations with. I need someone to keep me in touch with the changes in the world that are rapidly happening at a lightning-fast pace. Tell me about yourself and about how your day is going.

  • Prison PenPal Justin Bowman

    Justin Bowman

    Justin is 40 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hi, I'm Justin. I'm 40 years old, from a small town in Northeast Ohio. I was planning on being a doctor, until drugs took over my life. Now sober, I have a masters degree in public health, and plan to pursue a doctorate in the same field. My goal is to help…

  • Prison PenPal Jazmin Rhoads

    Jazmin Rhoads

    Jazmin is 39 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hi my name is Jazmin. I’m 39, 145 pounds, 5’5. I have long brown hair with a beautiful smile. I love to have fun and laugh and strong willed and very competitive. I have 6-12 months left. I’m looking to pass the time and laugh and have a good time. Add on…

  • Prison PenPal Marvin Dearing

    Marvin Dearing

    Marvin is 48 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello there special lady. I say special because any woman who is willing to take the time to write a prisoner such as myself is a woman of special potential. I know it may seem difficult trying to connect with someone in dark circumstances, but a naturally established friendship can make our…

  • Prison PenPal Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor

    Michael is 30 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hey you; My name is Mike, thanks for taking the time to peer inside my life. Well hopefully I can find a friend or someone with a similar mind of loneliness disparities, depression or as if you’ve been cast aside like a member of an indigenous tribe. We as humans deal with…

  • Prison Penpal Brian Burns

    Brian Burns

    Brian is 24 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."To my new friends, My name is Brian; when we talk, you’ll learn more about me including my nickname. I'm a fun person to talk to if you're having a bad day. I will always make you smile. I always give you the best advice I can think of. I love new…