• Prison Penpal Micah Morson

    Micah Morson

    Micah is 26 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."Never a loss, always a lesson. An open book so tap in with me, let the conversation flow and see what we can build."

  • Prison PenPal Michael Helms

    Michael Helms

    Michael is 25 and incarcerated in the US (AZ)."Goddess' Blessing to all! The simple act of stopping at a pen pal profile of a currently incarcerated individual tells volumes of what kind of person you are. I greatly appreciate your consideration and willingness to be the pen pal to someone behind bars. I am not a big fan of social…

  • Prison PenPal Fernando Zapata

    Fernando Zapata

    Fernando is 41 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Hi, I'm in search of that special friend I hear everyone talk about, that they found on this type of website. A little about myself... I'm the type who considers your thoughts, words, and feelings. You can be weird, you can be genuine, you can be funny, or you can be smart.…

  • Prison PenPal David Stanton Jr.

    David Stanton Jr.

    David is 64 and incarcerated in the US (CA)."Hello to ALL who read my profile, my name is David Clyde Stanton Jr and I believe and it’s my opinion, that optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without “Hope” and “Confidence.” I have come to learn in these very long years of my incarceration (40…

  • Prison PenPal Raymond Lafferty

    Raymond Lafferty

    Raymond is 38 and incarcerated in the US (AR)."Hello, my name is Raymond, and my first thought is to not let myself become a cliché in this limited space. There’s a little freedom in the lines ahead, no situational awareness, no weird silence…Seems I’ve got a little time left, and I thought I’d see about finding some company. Wouldn’t mind…

  • Prison PenPal Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick Dempsey

    Patrick is 45 and incarcerated in the US (CA)."Thanks so much for your valuable time! :-) Hello, my name is Pat D. and I joined Wire of Hope hoping to find you, with your friendly banter and colorful conversation here in my hour of need :-) I find myself in Pelican Bay, a place sorely lacking in open, honest and…

  • Prison Penpal Ricardo Baquera Jr.

    Ricardo Baquera Jr.

    Ricardo is 41 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Hi, if you're reading this, then most likely I've drawn your attention. Now, let's see if I could convince you to write. I'm a good ol' Tex-Mex currently serving an 8-year sentence. I won't sit here and waste your time by trying to portray myself to be this Mr. Right - Mr.…

  • Prison Penpal Mariano Perez

    Mariano Perez

    Mariano is 45 and incarcerated in the US (ID)."My name is Mariano Perez. I’m 45 years old, doing some time in Idaho. I’m originally from Oregon, just a state away from here. I decided to post my profile on Wire of Hope in hopes to meet new people and catch the attention of good-hearted and beautiful women. I have made…

  • Prison PenPal Ernest Oveal

    Ernest Oveal

    Ernest is 36 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Despite my location, I’m still a King! I haven't forgotten my worth, if anything by God’s grace my self-worth has only elevated physically, spiritually & intellectually I've only gotten stronger & wiser. My situation is only temporary, it does not define me. I’m not a prisoner, I am a very free man. I am…

  • Prison PenPal Matt Hamby

    Matt Hamby

    Matt is 37 and incarcerated in the US (CA)."My name is Matt, I'm 37, 6 ft. 2 and 195 lbs. I've been in prison since 2010. I'm from Lompoc, California. I've been in solitary confinement for a little over four years now, for stabbing two people in here. I don't like the people in prison. I'm in my cell 24/7.…