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    Justin Long

    Justin is 30 and incarcerated in the US (ID)."I like money and long walks to the bank. Needless to say, I have a sense of humor. I’m looking for someone that I can call mine, someone that I can be there for emotionally and help motivate and support in their goals and dreams, and in return for that someone to be there for

  • Prison PenPal Charles Deese

    Charles Deese

    Charles is 45 and incarcerated in the US (SC)."Are you looking for better than average? Allow for me to take this moment and respectfully introduce that inner and outer me that comes with authenticity, that will never be of some form of game or B/S as you deeply read and learn more who I am that reaches out to you in words to

  • Prison Penpal Markes Rodgers

    Markes Rodgers

    Markes is 54 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."My Dear Friend, the coolest part about exchanging letters is that it creates an amazing and unique form of communication between two people. It allows the mind to wander freely through the sharing of ideas, emotions and experiences, rather than being held captive to buzzing smartphones or the needless preoccupation of how many likes or

  • Prison Penpal Dan Grote

    Dan Grote

    Dan is 44 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Who could use a friend? In this crazy world, in these strange times, I know I could. So, what do I have to offer you from this 6x9' cell that my past mistakes have bought me? A willing ear when you need one, a shoulder to cry on if needed and probably more than a

  • Prison Penpal Ishmael Roberts

    Ishmael Roberts

    Ishmael is 31 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."Love means to love that which is unlovable, or it is no virtue at all; forgiving means to pardon that which is unpardonable or it is no virtue at all." About me- I’m a person of various skills as well as talents, I had my chance to see and travel around the world, experienced a

  • Prison Penpal Dylan Semborski

    Dylan Semborski

    Dylan is 25 and incarcerated in the US (WI)."Hi, my name's Dylan. I love the outdoors, music, playing cards and reading. People have told me I have an old soul. I enjoy rock and roll music and walking in the woods. I have a vast knowledge of music and entertainment. Would love to hear from someone to help pass the time.

  • Prison Penpal Natasha Lubenski

    Natasha Lubenski

    Natasha is 35 and incarcerated in the US (PA)."Just trying to make some new friends that will help me live a better more positive lifestyle. Companionship.

  • Prison Penpal Darius Olson-Baker

    Darius Olson-Baker

    Darius is 20 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."What's good? I'm new to this all meeting new people, opening up things, so please bear with me. I've been in prison for a few years now, it's been a life-changing experience, I learned a lot about myself. I'm not going to lie, I'm a street dude, with a high school education, and the whole

  • Prison Penpal Rosco Martin

    Rosco Martin

    Rosco is 48 and incarcerated in the US (MI)."To my future friend, "Dear friends, Devoted friendships that are undeniably dedicated and sincerely loyal, that are in union, advocating, is what I seek; like freedom mentally, physically and spiritually as one’s soul completely radiating as if the sun is to our earth vital on many levels, say one complete in friendship swayed by the moon’s currents moving mind

  • Prison Penpal Terrell Payne

    Terrell Payne

    Terrell is 20 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."How y'all doing? So, I'm going to make this short. I made this account today because I'm in need of a true friend. Somebody who can understand me, learn to understand my situation, and somebody to hear my story. As you know, I have 15 years remaining, its sad, but it's true. Although I have