• Prison Penpal Dontrell Jenkins

    Dontrell Jenkins

    Dontrell is 28 and incarcerated in the US (NC)."Hello, My name is Dontrell and I’m glad for this penpal service. I’m laid-back and just need somebody to vent to and see what’s in my mental. And vibe too. I’ve been down for a minute. I like to read, play basketball and work out. Whichever beautiful lady choose my profile and…

  • Prison Penpal Kyle Morgan

    Kyle Morgan

    Kyle is 38 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."What’s up? I’m Kyle William Morgan from Crystal Lake, Illinois. I have also lived in Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Washington state, Switzerland, and downtown Chicago. I was a wild child on the outside, but I have now completely cleaned up my life. I have been sober for years now. My ancestors came from…

  • Prison Penpal Shonta Henderson

    Shonta Henderson

    Shonta is 24 and incarcerated in the US (IN)."Hello, my name is Shonta Ebony Sharee Henderson. I am 24 years old, and will be 25 on May 15th if God willing, I have two children ages 2 and 4 {1 boy and 1 girl}. I am from the east side of Chicago Illinois. I have my own business

  • Prison PenPal Eugene Orvis

    Eugene Orvis

    Eugene is 46 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Hello. My name is Eugene. I’m reaching out from behind these walls in hopes to meet and create a friendship with a woman who’s down to earth, open-minded, easy to vibe with, and has a thing for the bad boy type. I’m a down-to-earth fella, a fun, mature-minded man who loves spending…

  • Prison PenPal Timothy Canfield

    Timothy Canfield

    Timothy is 35 and incarcerated in the US (NJ)"Hi, my name is Tim, I am looking forward to meeting and chatting with someone who is down to earth, funny, openminded, compassionate, dependable person that will want to talk about a vast amount of topics. Someone that I can get to know and build a genuine long and lasting friendship. I’m…

  • Prison PenPal Mario Davis

    Mario Davis

    Mario is 38 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Hi there! Do you like to laugh, talk, write, and feel happy?? If so, my name is Mario! I’m a confident and down to earth guy with a giant heart and a witty personality, who loves to write, talk, laugh, and shower the ones I care about with love and attention. With…

  • Prison PenPal Xavier St Hill

    Xavier St Hill

    Xavier is 26 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."Hey there, my name is Xavier, thank you for checking out my profile and giving me the time of day. I’ve never done this so it’s a bit odd, but I thought it was worth a shot. I’m looking to better myself and my surroundings and people around me, so basically I’m…

  • Prison PenPal Dwayne Dricketts

    Dwayne Dricketts

    Dwayne is 43 and incarcerated in the US (NJ)."Hey thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my profile, and for considering writing someone incarcerated, that fact alone says a lot about the person you are. I'm not used to talking about myself like this, but I wanted to give it a try, because at this point…

  • Prison PenPal Dontae Parker

    Dontae Parker

    Dontae is 22 and incarcerated in the US (PA)."Hi my name is Dontae Parker my associates call me Dewey, I made a horrible decision that cost me years of my life it wasn't supposed to go that way and I am truly remorseful I had a good upbringing, just turning 18 and things didn't go the way it should have.…

  • Prison PenPal Davead McIntyre

    Davead McIntyre

    Davead is 29 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."My name is Davee! I’m from Chicago. I’m looking for a woman down to earth and with cool vibes and you get the same, vice versa! I have no kids, I have a very outgoing personality. I will make you smile and laugh all day! I am focused on building a bond…