• Prison PenPal Tanya Norberto

    Tanya Norberto

    Tanya is 41 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."Full-blooded Italian, from Kansas City, Kansas, Pisces, adventurous, thrill-seeker, open-minded, down-to-earth, passionate, understanding, loyal and honest. Seeking friendly companions with good conversations and time to share via emails, letters, phone, video and in-person visits. Enjoy music, movies, comedy, history, motorcycles, auto-racing, tattoos, boxing, cooking, holidays, family gatherings and even plannings, skydiving. Willing…

  • Prison Penpal Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy is 33 and incarcerated in the US (PA)."Hello Queens, I'm hoping to connect with any female, any race, size or age. I say this because race, size, age are irrelevant, only one thing truly matters and that's (character), the person you are. I’m also a strong believer in free-will, I would never try to change who you are, nor…

  • Prison Penpal Hugh Josephs

    Hugh Josephs

    Hugh is 50 and incarcerated in the US (NJ).."I hope to be back in court within the next 24-36 months’ time, then be exonerated of this wrongful conviction out of the city of Camden, NJ, then being free to relocate back to Miami Florida, to hopefully enjoy the rest of my life in freedom and prosperity! If I could just…

  • Prison Penpal David Carter

    David Carter

    David is 38 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."FRIENDS! How many of us have them? FRIENDS! Ones that you can depend on? Apparently, NOT ME, even though I'm easygoing, comical, honest, supportive, a good listener, fun, lovable, very loyal, social, I love kids, love to read and write, just started writing books, love sport (the biggest Cowboys fan EVER), love…

  • Prison PenPal Kelsea Lampkins

    Kelsea Lampkins

    Kelsea is 34 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."I'm here looking for a friend to build a strong relationship with and be with through tough times, as well as good times. I am laid back and intelligent. I am looking for someone who can hold an intellectual conversation, in addition, this is a plus on a positive note. Born and…

  • Prison PenPal Jeremy Richards

    Jeremy Richards

    Jeremy is 38 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Hello, my name is Jeremy. I like to laugh and have fun. I don’t have a lot of time left. Im looking for someone to correspond with, possibly meet when I get out.

  • Prison PenPal Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips

    Michael is 25 and incarcerated in the US (IL)."I feel amazing… Honestly, I’ve never been better, and I’m convinced that I can only go up from here… I’ve become more emotionally intelligent and spent a lot of time being in sync with myself. I’m full of adventure, and I’m focused with a fire that burns bright… Feeling this good, I’m…

  • Prison PenPal VonDerek Knuckles

    VonDerek Knuckles

    VonDerek is 53 and incarcerated in the US (OH)."Greetings, Lonely heart seeking to meet a woman who’s sincerely interested in taking the opportunity to meet and become friends. As a person I like to be fun, I like to make others laugh. So let me take this time to tell you a little about myself beyond the obvious. I come…

  • Prison PenPal Miles Gunnels

    Miles Gunnels

    Miles is 23 and incarcerated in the US (TX)."My name is Miles Gunnels. I am 23 years old. I love to ride bikes, drawing and being with friends. My charge for being here is theft. I received 8 years but I am up for parole in May 2023. I am not married. I do have a large family. My hope…

  • Prison Penpal Irvin Cook

    Irvin Cook

    Irvin is 32 and incarcerated in the US (MN)."I would like to first start off by introducing myself and telling you a little about me. My name is Irvin but I've always gone by "Sonny.” I'm 32, I have one daughter, I was born and raised in Minnesota, I'm smart, funny, chill, and I have a great personality. A couple…