• Prison PenPal Antone Jeremiah

    Antone Jeremiah

    Antone is 31 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."Hello, My name is Antone Jeremiah #W116124, but you can call me Da man. I’m 31 years old. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts, where I grew up. I’m a true and loyal man to those who know me and want to get to know me. I’m big on respect, I love…

  • Prison PenPal Artem Vaskanyan

    Artem Vaskanyan

    Artem is 44 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."Hello! My name is Artem. I'm an Armenian. I grew up in various parts of Russia: In 1993 at age thirteen I came to the United States then seven years later in the year 2000 I was arrested and imprisoned. During my years of incarceration my life set me on the path…

  • Prison PenPal Ronald Ruell

    Ronald Ruell

    Ronald is 42 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."Hey there. My name is Ronald Ruell. I’m 42 years young and I’m from Springfield, Mass. I’m 6 ft tall, I got brown hair and brown eyes. I’ve been in jail since February 2012. I’m serving 15 years to life for 2nd degree murder. I see parole for the first time in…

  • Prison PenPal Justin Couepel

    Justin Couepel

    Justin is 41 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."I'm looking for someone real to talk to and get to know and have real conversations with. Someone who isn't judgmental and believes in 2nd chances. I am a real sweetheart & love to make people laugh. I won't lie or play kid games and I'm looking for the same in return.…

  • Prison PenPal Ramon Cruz

    Ramon Cruz

    Ramon is 56 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."My name is Ramon Cruz Jr. though my friends call me Pitchy. I’m 56 years old, 5’8″ tall, 190 pounds. I was born in New York City but grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, and I’m Puerto Rican. I’ve been in prison a long time and hope to get out someday soon. I…

  • Prison PenPal Xavier Rodrigues

    Xavier Rodriguez

    Xavier is 20 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."DISTRACTION! Sometimes that's all we need in life, someone that can distract you from the real world. Someone that makes you laugh and smile with no strings attached. The most cherished gifts in life are the most unexpected. Hopefully you can be mine.

  • Prison Penpal Justin Lacombe

    Justin Lacombe

    Justin is 28 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."My name is Justin. I am a 28-year-old single male. I am looking to meet new people. I would love to meet someone in recovery. I recently relapsed, which lead to my incarceration. Once my sentence is over, my hope is to move forward in a positive direction with my life. I…

  • Prison PenPal Manuel Moniz

    Manuel Moniz

    Manuel is 37 and incarcerated in the US (MA)."Hello, first off, I just want to thank you for taking your time to read this. My name is Manuel, but you can call me many. I’m 36 years old born and raised in Massachusetts and is easygoing man who loves staying fit and very athletic and play a lot of sports.…

  • Prison PenPal Collin LaFreniere

    Collin LaFreniere

    Collin is 23 and incarcerated in the US (VA)."My name is Collin LaFreniere, I’m 23 years old, 6’1 and here’s a little about me: I love to skate, go on nature walks, play video games, listen to music, get tattoos and read a lot. I really enjoy reading about different studies of psychology and spirituality. Learning about the mind is…