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Christopher is 42 and incarcerated in the US (NV).

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I need someone who is focused, determined, intelligent, and unstoppable to acknowledge the words posted on this website strictly to enhance – motivate – inspire, and captivate the readers’ attention in great theme. “Mind games is not my craft.” I’m seeking friends, or “a friend” who truly understands the concept of loyalty, and life’s many forms of human experiences and emotions. If that intrigues you mentally in all aspects, show me the power of your response. Bless me with a dose of your personality to broaden my mind to new views and concepts. Which ultimately defines the essence of who you truly are, and why?

5% of the people in the world might genuinely like and believe in everything that defines who I am in life. The other 95% might not even care. With that expressed… What percentage are you? Are you single, involved, or not interested in being pursued mentally??? Just because you don’t seem perfect to everyone else – it doesn’t mean that you won’t be perfect to me. I’m willing to believe in you when no one else will. Request the same courtesy in return. “That declaration speaks for itself.”

I promise you the respect, faith, attention and understanding that you always yearned for / never experienced. I promise to respond to everyone who contacts me, as long as you’re 21 and older. If you don’t receive a letter from me within a week, it means that I never received your correspondence, or email (via Please send a photo with your response. If you send me actual photos via regular mail, please be sure to write my last name and prison ID number on the back of each photo. Due to prison rules, the most you can send per envelope is (10).

I’m actually innocent of the crimes I was convicted of, but due to manufactured circumstances, I was coerced under duress into taking a plea deal, after being found guilty by the jury first. The truth is whatever makes you feel comfortable at this point. Race, height, weight, lifestyle, religion and dactylology will never be an issue. I dare to be different…

“Coming Into Existence,”

P.S. If you email me on CorrLinks, please make sure to include a mailing address in your message to me, as I can only reply to you through snail mail.

02/11/23 Update-

If you receive any negative correspondence, denial, or disregard for your feelings, worth, or friendship (allegedly) from me, I am not the author of such ignorance. Ask that you have patience. Contact me personally, via regular mail or email. I promise to give you the same courtesy…

05/12/23 Update-

I apologize for such a vague approach concerning the nature of the words placed before you. Nevertheless, I’d rather sound corny, intrigued, motivated, and confident than not network my existence back into society. To me, you’re the definition of beauty and perfection. I wouldn’t be a man if I ignored your existence in all aspects… How can I be a friend unto your everyday thoughts? I’m only looking for a friendship with the most gorgeous woman in the world, if nothing else is possible. How do you feel about people in prison? Do you trust the judicial system with all your heart? Or believe that some people are actually innocent of the crimes convicted? “Keep it real with me.” I apologize for the seriousness of my situation at hand. But please, don’t let my situation, or place of dwelling, prohibit our minds from embracing each other. Give me the opportunity to acknowledge everything about you.

What are your interests besides being beautiful, independent, confident, resourceful, and successful? My past is not without its flaws, poor decisions, or criminal conduct… I’m very determined in life to be greater than less. I’m always searching for inspiration in the form of all life’s blessings. As a matter of fact, I want you to believe the worst of me, just to show you the definition / essence of who I really am. At the same time, give you glimpses of who you really are. Between you, and myself. Are you comfortable with me believing the worst of you? Or would you rather I just have faith instead? Am I really a womanizer if I love women? Tell them what they need to hear, and truly believe in their existence, worth, goals, and potential?

Everyone wants to be understood in life. Yet, most people are never willing to understand others. I view that as a disability itself. So, why should we remain strangers? How many men are willing to accept you for you? Put you on a pedestal whenever everyone else wants to tear you down???

02/26/24 Update-

Dear you know who you are,

If you’re reading this… I meant everything that was verbally expressed to you. I truly want the best for you in life, no matter if it’s with me, or someone else. If I have to stand down, just until I can actually step up to the plate physically… “then so be it.” The only thing that will stop my drive is your words, or if there’s a ring on your finger already. It’s all that needs to be said at this point… “Forever Hopeful” (Dec. 1998) – (Sept. 19, 1999)

To all the women of my past,

I sincerely apologize for not taking your existence serious, and not being willing to show empathy, consideration, and understanding, whenever you wanted to talk or work things out. I was very arrogant, conceited, selfish and ignorant back then. It took these prison walls to put my life on pause. Give me the time and opportunity needed to reevaluate myself, and count the numerous blessings- women that I took for granted in regard to the relationships that I’m currently addressing. For the ones I left without an explanation, I apologize for that as well, especially if you will never be able to accept the gesture of my heart intentions. I feel like less of a man because of it. If anything I just said resonates with you personally, from any of these states (“Stone Mountain, Georgia”, “Norcross, Georgia”, “Decatur, Georgia”, “Michigan City, Indiana”, “La Porte, Indiana”, “Gary, Indiana”, “South Bend, Indiana”, “Dayton, Ohio”, “Kenton, Ohio”, and “Las Vegas, Nevada”).

This is me being a man finally and saying: “I apologize for questioning your loyalty, self-worth, and existence.” I apologize for not being who you needed me to be back then. We were both young. As teens, we probably said or did some tings out of anger. It’s never too late to make things right in one form or another… I’m searching for a mutual understanding and forgiveness at this point.

I had a tendency to blame you all for being disloyal, based on my own actions. “I regret that.”

Date of Birth: 06/09/1981 (42 years old)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black or African American
Ethnicity: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bald
Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
Body Type: Average
Hometown: Michigan City, Indiana (USA)
Spoken Languages: English
Religion: Muslim
Astrological Sign: Gemini

Profile will end on: 01/23/2025

Christopher Williams #0072981

High Desert State Prison
P.O. Box 650
Indian Springs, NV 89070

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Incarcerated Since: 2001
Sentence Received: Life Without Parole
Earliest Release: N/A

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1st Degree Murder
Sexual Assault
1st Degree Arson
Use of a Deadly Weapon Enhancement (x3)

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