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Martin Lyons

Martin is 36 and incarcerated in the US (IL).

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To start off I want to tell you that I’m doing real time. I can’t look for any romance in this type of situation. I’ve been locked up for 15 years and always been introverted, keeping my crowds small. I think it’s time to show who I’ve become after 15 years now. I spend most of my time writing whether it’s my own poetry and quotes or doing my legal work so I’m always brainstorming and utilizing my time constructively. I’m very ambitious and my goal is to one day have my own business and logo overall being a self-sufficient person. I love music like most people and I love making people laugh because it helps take away reality’s pain sometimes.

So I’m looking for a friend that understands the position I’m in and what this situation entails. Someone to catch a vibe and then ride the wave with. I want to cherish and enjoy the time you spend with me creating a safe space you can be yourself and talk about whatever you wish. A place that drowns out any outside noise of your life if it gets too loud for you. I am a flirt but I keep it rated PG-13 (smiles) so nothing too serious. I like having fun in this place where I don’t have too much fun you know? I define the word “time” as “true intentions mean everything” so being transparent should be the best way to connect together.

I’m very interested in getting to know you so I got a couple of questions to get our conversation started. What do you think is the most beautiful word in the English dictionary? What is your ultimate goal in life? Tell me something about you that I may like and not like at the same time.
Well, I hope you enjoyed reading me and if I sound interesting, I’m hoping to meet you soon. I’m a Cancer so I value loyalty, honesty and respect which I want to give too.
Respect first, loyalty always.

The Right Signs

My name is Martin and I want to meet you and be cool
I’m willing to learn as much as I can about you in school
I have been locked up for a long time being an introvert
The goal is to try to open up to you without ever getting burnt

If you have a life without blemish it’s not real only imaginary
Like the time as a kid putting teeth under pillow for the tooth fairy
So I’m asking you to accept me with all of the flaws I bring
You won’t know how it turns out but I might turn into a diamond ring

Starting a new friendship is a fresh start for us to be transparent
Now I’m looking forward to paying attention to details with adherence
Honesty is always the best policy to me there’s no need for us to hide
Confidence of telling the truth is key for me not creating a landslide

There could be a possible chance there will be a form of connection
Romance is not my intention at all but more so a pure selection
A place we both can come to mentally to enjoy some positive peace
Understanding that we will be comfortable signing this friendship lease

A few quotes I made:
1) Nobody on Earth deserves disappointment when they’re 100% authentic.
2) Is it really wrong to have everything go your way if you’re able to always make the way for you to get your way in the first place?
3) I may be a sucker for love but I love my respect first!
Hope you like them (smiles).


Just sitting here brainstorming and doing some deep and heavy thinking.
Looking back to the day my case happened when I was really tweaking.
There were so many people in my life that only wanted the best for me.
So why in God’s name would you give that up why wouldn’t you just see.

You were real young at the time and it takes time to develop in being grown.
When you come up as the quiet type sometimes you’re prone to feeling alone.
Being so hard-headed when you had so many chances and multiple opportunities.
Now look at this position you put yourself in coming under a lot of scrutiny.

This can definitely stain you forever this ain’t what you’d ever believe.
In school you were great but taking a liking to the street life never achieved.
Some of the world will never in life look at you again normally the same.
As long as this situation is over your head stay focused and just maintain.

There is a real saying everything happens for a reason, and that’s another chance.
You’re now able to show the world that you are not a monster when they glance.
God was the perfect person that saw you first so you will never go wrong.
Even those numbers that you think gave you a lot of time it won’t be long.

Quotes from me:
1) Sometimes we look for validation when we don’t have to knowing we’re perfectly imperfectly made already.
2) I believe in the one in me when I was created by the one in the first place.

Scar free

Intelligence brings some people fear so they try hard to break your psyche down.
They just don’t know the real direction you’re headed in when you receive your crown.
All they want you to do is lose at everything you indulge in because they’re miserable.
So I keep smiling because I got a secret weapon in my subconscious visual.

There were many people before me who lost a lot during all their trials.
Keeping our strength is very important like your upbringing as a young child.
Everything in life is done by choice and you have all the power in your direction.
It was meant for you to experience all those hard times so you get some correction.

Everybody has flaws that they sometimes can’t get past it’s the law of life indeed.
That’s the nature of having the accidents of getting cut when injured you bleed.
Now you clean up the wound when you realize it’s there a band-aid may get used.
Eventually that same band-aid has to come off the wound as a temporary bruise.

You still see the scar on your body because it’s a part of your existence and history.
When people try to judge you harshly at first glance it’s only because you’re a mystery.
But when they finally see the true definition of what you’ve always been.
Is when they’ll finally understand that the whole time you were a trend.

Quotes from me:
1) Being scar free simply means accepting yourself even when others don’t because we are made through our scars, we develop from our scars, and we are born into scars.
2) When you accept yourself, you reflect yourself, by resurrecting yourself into directing yourself for success.
3) Walking in your truth is the same as walking in the light and then all vampires get exposed so you can see them.

The Incantation Inclination

How can any person be sincerely themselves when they’re surrounded by fake snakes. It’s so hard to stay positive when ordeals get harder and harder on my plate. Respect is supposed to be given not earned but in this place that ain’t the case. You can’t trust anybody at all because all they do is lie straight to your face.

That’s where the introvert in me comes to play silence is always the best answer. Because when I have nothing nice to say my words can turn into stage four cancer. I don’t want to get caught up in jail madness and most definitely don’t want to get stuck. If you catch a jailhouse case there’s a great chance that you’ll be out of good luck.

You have to remain peaceful things can really get out of pocket very quick. Drama will come and appear right in front of your doorstep like magic tricks. So I’m looking for anything positive to come my way into my uncanny life. A battle tested warrior who can move mountains bringing some fiery spice.

This is a very rare friendship in this generation one that’s harder than steel. Or a safe that can never be opened because it’s protected with a shield. When you find that real connection that you can turn into a real friennection. Is when both of your morals combine and there is never any worry about depression.

Quotes from me
1) I’m like a rubix cube, I’m complicated at first and most definitely get frustrating at times where you have to put me down but when you finish putting me together I was worth every headache.
2) Life brings challenges but I want more challenges because I’m a challenge in myself to challenge myself to overcome every challenge that presents itself to me.

A Gentle Man

Sometimes I can be softer than baby skin but I’m also cold like a glacier. I bring a lot of fire and energy packing more electricity than a taser. As outspoken as I can be if it ain’t right I don’t hesitate saying it’s wrong. You can see how my eyes gaze like I came straight out of Hong Kong.

A comedian is super funny but that’s simply something I won’t mimic. Being myself is a blessing and anything that I start I confidently finish. I can be really passionate when it comes to any subject that I know. What you see is what you get with me, and you’ll always reap what you sow.

I’m a fair guy with everybody and I love taking roll of an underdog. Bullies don’t get no play in my world they’re running while I jog. Humbly speaking to you right now I don’t carry arrogance or any pride. When I get inside your system like liquor your equilibrium will glide.

My brain works nonstop and I’m always exercising chasing epistemology. These vocabulary terms being used is congruent towards my philosophy. Thoughts run through my head even when I’m sleeping continuing to flow. Now they’re telling me to always make you smile whenever you feel low.

Quotes from me
1) Some people misconstrue what a gentleman is because it’s different kinds of them. Yes, I’m nice. Yes, I charm. If you cross me, you’ll be harmed not physically because I’m not violent but when you look for me, it will be dead silence. If you want something special, you stay real. If you stay honest, we got a deal!
2) A woman with beautiful feet is the one I keep! If you consider a woman a Queen, you will worship the ground she walks on and that’s where her feet stand at, right? (smiles)

Alone the Way

Loneliness brings strength while at the same time bringing pain. Some people know how to handle adversity while others go insane. Choices are made everyday in life some are right most are wrong. Getting lost down the road won’t happen when you know where you belong.

People can make you very happy while some will leave you completely sad. When this happens I don’t sulk in it. I will continue to chase this bag. Money is not always the right answer but it can fill a void sometimes. Finding some type of joy like when we were growing up in our prime.

Sharing is caring and having two will always be better than having one. Rolling by myself all this time now I’m stopping because it’s not fun. I had to learn everything about myself first now I can share. Treating everybody as an equal showing that I’ve always been fair.

There ain’t a bad way to look at this equation it goes both ways. Whether you choose to have a friend or go solo is your own phase. I’ve been a part of both worlds and you can’t have one without other. Life brings all sorts of challenges like having C-sections being a mother.

Quotes from me

1) Being alone has a lot of advantages but the one disadvantage is being alone.
2) When you feel alone sometimes your inner voice can be your best friend at least you can trust that part of you.
3) Starting a new friendship with someone you don’t know is very pure so you shouldn’t stain it with any lies, not even white ones.
4) I really believe some of the most famous people got themselves there being alone and focused on themselves.

Wish list

There are countless visions in my head pondering if I had. How many heads would turn in our direction and be real mad. When we step on any scene attention is there the light is seen. Check out how much it beams like a fantasy in someone’s dreams.

One day maybe something great will happen and be super hysterical. Like what Jesus was doing on this earth performing many miracles. Only time will tell when I throw this quarter in the wishing well. Once you arrive on location I will bring you in this amazing cancer shell.

This is somewhere we can be protected living getting lost in our love. If we ever have a baby in this life it might pop out to be a dove. That’s how pure and special this situation is being unimaginably rare. Remembering always this process of us running into each other’s hair.

I think I should change that last word in sentence to say arms. Then it’s a guarantee fact I will take you away from all harm. All the goal is for me to be there for you representing a soldier. Now here comes the worst part of this poem putting back in my folder.

Quotes from me
1) Sometimes we got this visual imagination of something or someone we really desire but the reality is that we might not ever get the picture.
2) Which is better: wanting to be loved or wanting to love? Wanting to be mad or choosing to be sad? Giving mercy or getting mercy?
3) It’s a big difference from being wanted and being needed. Being wanted is lust and being needed is love. That means you don’t treat something you need basic, you cherish that need whenever you receive it.

A Pen Needs Paper

Looks like it’s us again because I’m putting my hands back on you
It seems to me that you’re the pain reliever that gets me through
Everytime I get let down you are always ready to listen
No matter how many times I fail I just create another invention

You’re the item that I consider a person and an outstanding friend
I can forever count on you to have my back until the very end
When I get down emotionally I know you’re there to cheer me up
My confidence I carry with you will bring us billions of bucks

Materialistically speaking your worth to me is way better than love
Humans seem to always let me down but you definitely keep me above
Its like sitting down on your couch as you pay attention to details
Without a shadow of a doubt you keep me from falling off the rails

Nobody can comprehend me like you do being able to understand
The way you bring me peace is like my feet in the beach sand
There isn’t another friend I’d rather have included in my life
One thing guaranteed you won’t do is stab me in back with knife

Quotes from me
1) The only thing I need in life is someone who needs me in this life just as much.
2) The real joy in this life for me is making someone else joyful satisfying two birds in one stone joyfully.
3) All I know is someone needs to have what I got to offer but I can’t convince them like this they have to see for themselves.
4) The best of me only comes out when somebody brings it out of me.

Kid Ink

It’s been 15 years in this game and I ain’t got any kids
My imagination always wonders what type of father I’d gig
There could be a possibility I go through this life without any
If that happens the chances are slim to none like I’m skinny

That was not a shot at anybody personally just to let you know
I just got to find another way that my bloodline will grow
Digging beneath the surface of the norm there are my babies
They’re going to stay with the world like the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady

The definition of leaving a true legacy will be something to remember
So I’ll be leaving my poems as a present like Christmas in December
My purpose is to make the world see what existed and be touched
Many people never gave me a real chance and I felt really stuck

Now this is a platform I needed to show what they disregarded
I was that underage kid trying to buy liquor that got carded
This is the typical life of the underdog that was looked past
God always said that the last shall be first and first will be last

Quotes from me
1) Being an underdog is a blessing because many people look past you not knowing how much of a true blessing you are. If they know you’re a blessing, they’ll use you for what you worth in this doggy dog world.
2) I love being looked past because I would hate to be a blessing to someone who don’t really deserve a good friend.
3) It’s pretty evident that I love paper and not the kind you always throwing away spending. Only the kind that you create that others spend on your inventions is what I call real paper. See how that work?

Date of Birth: 07/17/1987 (36 years old)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Black or African American
Ethnicity: N/A
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Body Type: Average
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (USA)
Spoken Languages: English, Spanish (non fluent)
Religion: Believer/Spiritual
Astrological Sign: Cancer

Profile will end on: 07/26/2024

Martin Lyons #M19540

Menard Correctional Center
P.O. Box 1000
Menard, IL 62259

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Incarcerated Since: 2008
Sentence Received: 32 years
Earliest Release: 2048

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Murder 1st Degree
Aggravated Kidnapping

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