How to Use our Site?

First and foremost, if this is the first time you consider writing someone incarcerated, we strongly recommend you to start by taking a look at all the reading material available to you on Wire of Hope.

On mobile devices, our menu is accessible by clicking the down arrow under our logo. Click the little down arrows on the right of each category to activate the drop-down menus.

Choose “Resources” and access many informative pages about the correspondence with inmates.

Once you are ready to look for an inmate to write to, you have 2 options:
  • Browse throughout the profiles, by visiting the page “Recent Profiles”; or
  • Search for specific inmates with our “Advanced Search” engine.

Recent Profiles

Access our recent profiles via “Inmate Profiles” in our top menu.

Our profiles are sorted so that the newest ones come first, with 15 profiles accessible by page.

Profiles are displayed with a picture of the inmate (when available, or their artwork), their age, location and the very first words of their introduction.

If an inmate catches your attention, simply click their name to access their profiles.

Scroll down to access the links to the next pages.

Advanced Search

Access our search engine via “Advanced Search” in our top menu.

Our advanced search engine offers many possibilities.

With our search bar, you can look up for any word or combination of words present in our profiles.

You can also narrow your search to specific criteria with the 18 filters available. Age, gender, location, language, type of sentence are some of the many queries you can run on Wire of Hope. Simply check the checkboxes of your choice.

As an example, if you are looking for people on death row or sentenced to life without parole, check the boxes “life without parole” and “on death row”.

The automatically updated results will appear directly at the bottom of the page.

Click the picture of the inmate
you want to find out more about, and their profile will open up in a new tab of your browser. Note that your search results will remain available to you in the previous tab if you would like to access other inmates’ profiles.

To reset your entire search and start from scratch, click on the “Reset Search” button.

Profile Navigation

Our setup with tabs keeps the profile information organized.

The main page of the profile (1st tab) will give you the name of the inmate, their age, location, picture(s) and introduction.

Our other tabs will give you:
  • More details about the inmate (2nd tab) such as the date of birth, hometown, expiration date of the profile, etc.;
  • The contact information to get in touch with the inmate by snail mail or email * (3rd tab);
  • The sentence information to find out more about their conviction(s) (4th tab).

An additional tab may appear when the inmate shares a poem or essay with the visitors.

To navigate from one tab to another, simply click their titles.

Most inmates add pictures or artwork to their profiles. By clicking on one of them, you can access the image in full. When multiple pictures are available, navigation arrows will appear on the side of the pictures for you to jump from one photo to the next. On mobile devices, these arrows are placed above the picture, but swiping is also possible!

On desktop, when you scroll down in a profile, you can also jump to the next or previous profile by clicking the navigation arrows available on the sides of the page.

* Please remember that some facilities only allow emails to be received and inmates cannot always email back. For this reason, make sure to always include your mailing address in your first email to the inmate.

Submit a Profile & List an Inmate

Our services are all described in our brochure.

You can submit a profile for a loved one and send a payment online. For more information on how to list an inmate on Wire of Hope, access our dedicated page by clicking here.